Air Compressor

When working on the Control System, where does the Air Compressor go?

^ and how do you set it up?

I would take a look through this Pneumatic Manual

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Physically? Wherever it fits.

Electrically? It plugs into the “Compressor” slots in the Pneumatic Control Module (which gets power from the Power Distribution Board along with the Voltage Regulator Module). Make sure you connect your pressure sensor (black tubular thing with two screws for the leads to connect to) into the PCM as well. Look at R85 for other required components.

Programatically? Someone else will have to help you there.

For prototyping I just hook it up to a 12V power supply and turn the supply off when we’re at pressure (if you don’t have a supply your 12V battery will also work, just be careful with live wires), and push the red buttons on the solenoids to activate those manually as well.

THANK YOU for the solenoid tip. We will definitely be using that during prototyping!

If you power it from the PCM and (as legally required under R92c) connect the pressure switch there as well, all you have to do is create a solenoid object in your code, and the compressor will automatically cycle for you.

In any case, read the Pneumatics section 10.9, R81 through R94 completely, and have someone on your team do an inspection against these rules before applying power to the compressor. These rules are not only needed to pass inspection, but they help keep things from literally blowing up in your face. Some rules can be bypassed when doing prototyping. The pneumatic rules are not those kind of rules.


Repeating for emphasis. Any time you have pressure inside a container it is a bomb. Treat it as a bomb, with all the caution you’d have with a bomb.

Also don’t use your finger or any tissue to plug the pneumatic pressure lines, it can cause bubbles in your blood that have the potential to injure or kill you.