ok… so we are building our robotic ARM… and we are using the air compressor that came with the KOP… but we are just getting 20 psi
do you think that it is our compressor that is faulty or is that right ???

Check for leaks first. A leak anywhere in the system will affect the whole system. Non-square tubing ends count as a leak.

yeah !!! we checked for that and well at first we got 10 psi and now its 20 psi

Are you hearing any hissing? If so, one of the relief valves has probably tripped.

Also check the code for the compressor. If it’s set for the wrong pressure…

iam glad iam not doing that stuff!!!

how do we check the code for the compressor…

we use easy C…

Start with this threadto find where to look and what to look for.

thanks man !!! this is our rockie year & we are doing our best !!!

Are you reading off a regulator gauge or just a gauge? Make sure you’ve hooked your regulators on the right way.

I know our team has received an improperly configured safety release valve in the past… If, and only if you can’t fix it elsewhere, you may want to examine this. However, it should be the LAST thing to check!

The code for the compressor should just check whether the pressure switch has activated or not. The program cannot change what pressure activates the switch.

So if the compressor is running and you are only seeing 20psi and you have your regulator in the system here are some things to check:

  1. Leaks as already mentioned. Since you are only seeing 20 psi, your leak would be large enough to hear. Also make sure all of your tubing is pressed firmly into the fittings. As mentioned above non-square tubing ends will prevent tight seating so check that. Also give each fitting a little tug to make sure the tube is in.

  2. Make sure you have your regulator set up correctly. If you look closely at it, you will notice an arrow that indicates which way the air should flow. I believe the regulators have 4 ports. Input from the air tanks should go on the starting side of the arrow. Output from the regulator on the end of the arrow. Pressure gage on the top. Plug on the bottom. Finally, turning the regulator clockwise will bring the working air pressure up.

My memory is a little fuzzy, but I seem to remember that if you have the power leads reversed (red to negative and black to positive) the compressor will run, but it gets real hot and does not put out much pressure. Be sure and check the polarity of the voltage at your compressor.