Air Cylinder,compressor,soleinoids,relay

Hey, i really and truly need massive help with this programming…i have been on this for at least three weeks trying to figure out how to program this air compressor and air seinolds, I’ve been trying to find someone with the right LabVIEW Functions that shows me exactly how to control the air cylinder,compressor,solenoids,relay: the proper steps on how to program each of the 4 subVI’S that were listed

I would start here:

This is a LabVIEW guide for FIRST robotics (a little old but mostly still good). Chapter 38 will cover solenoids etc.

You can also go to Help>Find Examples and you will find a couple of relevant examples.

If you have specific questions we can answer them.

Worst case come find me during Bayou on Thursday and I’d be happy to help I will be around one of teams 1304,4805, or 4113.

thanks n i would really to be there but my team and i aren’t goin to the Bayou regional this week we are going to the regional in Arkansas

I am still looking for help

Uh. If you’re with 4297, they’re registered for Bayou according to FIRSTs website. You can’t just change which regional(s) you’re going to on a whim.

Maybe try posting an image of what you have tried so far?

What happens currently when you run the code you are using?

How many solenoids do you have? Do you see any lights change on the 9472 solenoid module in the cRIO chassis?

Using LabVIEW, you have access to some very good example code and tutorials.

On the left side of the Getting Started window, select the Support tab, then click on the “Find FRC Examples…” link. Browse for the “Solenoid with Compressor” example project (it’s in the Pneumatics subfolder under FRC Robotics) and open it. It shows you exactly how to make a compressor work and exactly how to control a solenoid.

One of the tutorials you can find from the Getting Started window is Tutorial 7 - Integrating Examples into Robot Code. That’ll tell you how to take the working code from the example and put it into your robot program.

Hope this Helps!
Are you connecting your solenoids to a relay or the cRio Solenoid Bumper?

Programming Pneumatics.pdf (545 KB)

Programming Pneumatics.pdf (545 KB)

this is my program.

Thanks for the image.

My other two questions still apply to helping us figure out if the problems is in the wiring, code, execution, etc.

Do you initialize “DoubleSolenoid” in the Begin VI? (I assume you do just want to make sure)

You are expecting it to only go out while you have the button pressed and held correct? Do you see the joystick input on the Dashboard? I am not sure the type of solenoid/how you have it connected but have you tried using reverse instead of forward.

Is your compressor running / do you have pressure when you test this?

yes i do initialize Double Solenoid in the begin vi

You labeled it Begin, but the picture is obviously Finish.

So what’s the problem? Tell us what you want the robot to do, and what it’s doing instead.

Right now wat I am mostly trying to do is make sure that my compressor is workin

I’m still quite concerned by tim’s Regional confusion.

Whether or not the robot works is irrelevant if they show up at the wrong regional with it.

So far I have only seen code that deals with the solenoids. Starting the compressor is a separate piece of code have you included that?

I found an image of someone else’s begin VI code here with some compressor code in it so you will want to check you have something like that. You could probably also copy the code out of the example mentioned above.

To verify that you have everything properly wired to control a compressor, and to see the programming that makes it work, follow the example and tutorial I pointed you to earlier.

THIS is my begin

I just sent an email to the contact address on their website:

I hope so too

You have no need for the while loop. Please see the example he is pointing you to!

i did not program the begin