Air over oil cylinders question

R we allowed to use air over oil cylinders in this years competition?

*4.3.11 Pneumatic System
<R65> To satisfy multiple constraints associated with safety, consistency, robot inspection, and constructive innovation, no pneumatic parts other than those explicitly permitted by the Pneumatic System Rules may be used on the ROBOT.

<R66> In addition to the items included in the KOP, ** pneumatic system *items specifically permitted on 2011 FRC ROBOTS include the following items.

By definition:
Pneumatics is a branch of technology, which deals with the study and application of use of pressurized gas to affect mechanical motion.

Based upon these rules I would say no, you cannot use oil cylinders. It is my understanding that they are more dangerous than the air cylinders. Also, think about it, if you had a line break (because the nature of these systems is such that if it can’t find a relief valve that it will create one on its own!) you would dump oil on the game field and earn a red card as well as possibly being DQd for the rest of the matches. I am not a member of the GDC though so the final answer should come from them. Post this in the FIRST forums if you disagree with the way I read the rules… ::rtm::

<R02> ROBOT parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, or cause an unsafe condition. Items specifically prohibited from use on the ROBOT include (but are not limited to):
J. Hydraulic fluids or hydraulic components

these type of cylinders would be considered hydraulic.

They aren’t more dangerous just potentially very messy.

Completely missed that when I was skimming through the game manual for the answer to this question…good call IndySam