air piloted solenoid valves legal inspectors please chime in

Is there any rule that you think would disallow this valve?

It is an air piloted solenoid valve. It would allow us to control multiple of these from one electrically operated valve.

The plumbing is conventional. One pressure in, to out 1/8 npt but instead of being operated electrically they are operated by air pressure supplied by a conventional valve.


Unfortunately no. See Q&A Q128

No. However, air piloted valves which are not Solenoid valves are not listed in R77 and therefore not a legal pneumatic component.

What valve on that page are you asking about? Your link is to a directional control valves general page.

Al it was just an air piloted valve. We were thinking of using a single solenoid valve to supply air to 4 air piloted valves to control our shooter pistons but they are not in the list on R77.

If you are trying to save solenoid outputs, and are using 12 volt valves such as the SMC valves, you can use one Spike to control multiple solenoids.