Air Tank (Help)

Okay, so I have no clue whats going on with this air tank. There is one way in for the air, and unlike the picture diagrams provided in the manual there is no place for a valve on the other side of the tank. So we are all stuck with how we are putting everything together. Please and thanks for any help! -Team Storm 4107

Put a “T” fitting on the one way in for the air?

Stick a T on the input to the tank. One side of the T will be your input, and one side will be your output.

Air does not need to flow through the tank from one side to the other. Generally speaking, air flows anywhere it can, from high pressure to low pressure. The tank allows you to store high pressure air, but that air could flow back towards the compressor, if there was lower pressure available there (for example, if your emergency relief valve releases). With some minor variations, you’ll have the same pressure everywhere on your high pressure side at any given point in time, and that will flow, as appropriate, through your regulator to the low pressure side when needed.

Like everyone said, put a T.
The idea of an air tank is just to store a bunch of air in your system, it doesn’t matter whether the air passes directly through it.

I’ll say something different.

You can also just put a single straight fitting on it, so that it’s at the end of a pneumatic tube line.
It’s just a pressure reservoir and if its stored pressure is needed to fill a drop in system pressure as solenoids are fired, then the air will equalize with the rest of the system no matter how many tubes go into or out of it.

Either put a T or a Y on it and your good to go