Air tanks

What air tank can we use and how many of them can we have?

Anything appropriately rated, not explicitly or implicitly illegal, and as many as you can fit.


Thank you very much Chief Delphi User, Troy_Dietz!

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Do not PAINT them, ever!!!


They even get touchy if you put stickers on them!


To follow up Wayne and Tom, air tanks are on the “do not modify…”. Fill in your own outcome. There is no limit on air tanks but I would caution you that if you need to have many tanks, you might have miscalculated your lifting ability. Please review R801-R804.


Please see section 9.8 (R801, …, R814) of the game manual - if you have a pneumatics system it must conform to these rules, and the Inspectors at competition will enforce it. Be sure to practice adjusting the Pressure Release Valve before competition so it’ll look like you know what you’re doing. Please see R811 and its link to FIRST Robotics Competition Pneumatics Manual.

I note the black Clippard AVT-PP-35 tanks are labeled “DO NOT INSTALL TANK IN AN EXPOSED AREA. TO REDUCE RISK OF INJURY FROM TANK RUPTURE, MOUNT TANK SO THAT IS PROTECTED FROM IMPACT” which we don’t enforce, or even mention. At SFR a few years ago a black Clippard tank had one end sheared off in a collision, (POP) but it didn’t fragment.

Years ago the rules allowed off-board compressors, but that’s long gone.


We mounted our tank (black Clippard) in the C portion of the KOP chassis on our 2019 bot. This worked well (of course only works for one) because it is out of the way and protected.

Me, in 2019, both designing the tank mounts and clobbering two tanks on the cargo ship.


+2 to this - both 2016 and 2018, the two most recent times I used pneumatics on an FRC robot. Too many things broke in 2016, but the pneumatics kept going through competition season and a summer full of demos. In 2018, pneumatics became more important for post-season events than in-season, and that post-season robot was certainly the most competitive robot 3946 ever fielded. Both of these robots used a Bimba flatline 502 cylinder to drive an arm at short distances from the pivot - and given a choice, I’d go with a short stout cylinder near the pivot over a long one (like we used in 2012, 2013, and 2014) any time. A bent shaft is a bad day, and long skinny shafts are way more likely to get bent.

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