Airplane Ticket from DTW to ATL

I know, you dont want to go on a boring, long, 13 hour bus ride. Well, I have got the solution for you! For only $333, you can take a beautiful, clean, amazingly fast jet plane all the way to Atlanta (peanuts included, and if you are allergic, nuts to you.) You begin this fantastic excursion at the bright and early hour of 7 am on Weds. April 14th., and it comes to a sad conclusion on the April 18th, 8 o’ clock PM. If you are interested in this bodacious deal, I need to know NOW! Please reply to this post, or send me an email personally at [email protected].

Only 1 ticket available!

Scott, your faithful travel agent.

Seriously, the name change needs to be made by tomorrow morning. (like 7 am, for those of you who think morning is noon (or later))