No not the movie :rolleyes:
Has anyone been on a airplane lately, any suggestions??
such how early to get there, what not to bring on the plane (such as a backpack or cd palyer, camera etc…)
Any problems??

Don’t bring any type of screwdriver, leatherman, pocketknife or literally anything with an edge that could possibly cut someone. They even took my necklace pendant since it had a few edges on it. Computers and electronics are fine you may have to turn them on and demonstrate them and check them for explosive residue. I travel every other weekend and it normally takes about an extra 40 minutes so be there at least an hour and half before your scheduled departure in case the security line is really long or parking is full.

We just flew down from LaGuardia to Orlando for KSC… my advice?

-If you’re bringing a large team, get there 2-3 hours before your flight takes off. Get your boarding pass and go immediately through the security check, since they can and will make you miss your flight if you don’t.

-CD players are fine, Game Boys are fine, etc, etc. If you bring a laptop, you have to take it out of the case and place it seperately on a tray to go through the x-ray machine.

-Carry-ons are fine; two a person, though.

-If you’re bringing any electrical equipment with you on the plane, any tools, anything with loose wires, anything that looks like it could be used for malicious intentions, tell the people at the counter about it. Usually they’ll just tell you to check it.

Enjoy your trip.

check everything but a cd player, book, laptop, or something else that you will use on the plane. makes it so mch easier. also, don’t pack anything that you don’t want the entire world to see. also, NO SHARP EDGES. otherwise, you should be fine. also, dont’ taunt the national gaurdsmen :D.

%%%%, there goes my plans for the trip!!! :smiley:

hmm, i hope i’m not on the same plane as you guys… :smiley: you guys should bring your strategy board down on the plane, spend the entire flight making up different strtegies. :smiley:

Do they really think the word i used is offensive?? Oh well, how bout darn?
yes it is quite fun :rolleyes: , but wait tull you see the scale version of our bot for it (complete with mouse :smiley: )

wait a sec. you’re saying that you guys are making a scaled down version of your bot plus a mouse for the strategy board!?! that’s so cool! also shows how much free time you guys have. :smiley: i don’t think i ever saw the heads-up LED thing though. we were with you guys twice, and i never saw it. wow, i’m like, blind. :stuck_out_tongue: oh well, i’ll see it at nats.

yeah, Its built (too much free time)
I had a big black wire down my back and safety goggles had black tape on the top, I was surprised not many ppl noticed it, oh well :slight_smile:

meh, i’ll just remember to find you at nats, then i’ll see it. :smiley:

who is this steve?? And whats his problem with wire ties??

steve "dabruteforceduy’ bennet. he’s a 9th grader on our team, and before the robot was complete, we had the compressor wire tied down to the robot, and steve just walks up with a pair of dikes, and cuts the wire ties, and the compressor almost fell on the floor. no reason whatsoever, so we make fun of him for it. :smiley: