Airplanes. Airplanes everywhere!

Post your paper airplane pictures here!

Call me blind, but I can’t see a single paper airplane in that picture…

Or we don’t encourage mass littering?

But you get points for littering on someone else’s property…

Hmm, guess they are using stealth. First manned aircraft, then UAVs, guess it was bound to transfer over to paper airplanes at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

So when do you think we’ll start to see human players learning to fold their noddles into paper airplanes? I imagine they’l fly quite a bit farther!

It’s not the best picture, but there were a BUNCH of airplanes flying through the air!

Here’s one!

Here’s a video of everyone throwing one at the same time!

Brings back memories of 2013, when I scored one in the pyramid goal on Einstein… (from the highest tier of stands, no less)

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Announcer: “If you’re in the air force, we simply call that, air…”
Video Cuts

NOOOO what did he say?!? :frowning:

He said “air power.”

Please don’t encourage this activity. It IS fun to throw a plane, but it’s also dangerous, disruptive, and disrespectful to the host venue event staff and volunteers (they have to clean it up).

The biggest takeaway here is safety. Pointy bits at speed and unprotected eyes do not mix.

There are threads from the past few years that really shine a light on more reasoning to “why not”.

Now the paper airplanes will never stop. Throwers have literally been encouraged by the Air Force to continue.

You should tell that to the speaker from the Air Force today at Opening Ceremonies who encouraged everyone to throw paper airplanes.

I’ll see your Air Force speaker, and raise you one FRC director.

It was literally a barrage of paper airplanes coming in down on the floor, most from nearby that were rather poorly crafted and did not fly well at all. I was hit probably a dozen times, and I was taking cover near the wall. I thought it was rather rude and unprofessional to essentially be throwing trash in the venue prior to a grand event like the opening ceremonies. Do they do this at the Olympics? Then again, our game involves an element of the alliances throwing trash at each other…

And then there were flying saucers. Yes, plates being thrown like Frisbees.

And then, the Air Force guy encouraged everyone to make and throw an airplane…

I will be honest and say though, I was mildly amused by the couple that made it all the way to the big screen on the stage, and they seemed to catch Dean and Woodie’s attention (in some way, not sure which) too.

Perhaps we ought to have a one-time airplane contest on one of the days, and ban them the rest of the time.

Oh yes, I agree with Frank’s opinion, and while it is a tradition, it is a hassle to both spectators and the custodial crew. I personally have been hit by many paper airplanes while sitting on the Dome floor watching the Einstein matches in 2012 and 2013. All I’m saying is that if it is to stop, everyone must be on board, including the sponsors who speak to literally everybody in attendance.

Maybe not the Olympics but still a professional sport.

Let’s see - they kick everyone out of the pits at 5:30 sharp, and then rather than starting the ceremony on time at 6:00, the actual starting time gets dragged out till almost 6:30.

What do they expect thousands of idle engineering hands to do in the meantime?!?!:slight_smile: :rolleyes:

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