Airship Pilot Wings

After each competition, 2363 holds a “lessons learned” meeting where we discuss what we did right and what needs improving. One thing we noted was how awesome our airship pilot is. We noted that she makes better decisions than the audience. At the end of one match, our 3rd rotor was spinning, we had 4 gears needed to get the 4th rotor, and the horn sounded. Rather than waste time pulling up a gear with no value, she chose to drop the ropes instead. Of course the whole time the crowd was shouting, “Gear! Gear!” To honor her decision making skills under pressure, at our next meeting we presented her with a set of Airship Pilot’s Wings.

Has your airship pilot earned their wings? Triple Helix has taken the design from our etched wings and ordered custom patches. We are offering these for sale as a fundraiser.

Patches can be delivered to your pit at either of the two championship events, or can be shipped directly for a small additional fee. The patches are cheap enough ($6) that you may want to order enough for your whole team.

You can place patch orders online at this link. If you are interested in an etching, either small or large, PM me directly, as these are made on a milling machine and will cost more.

Wow, these are awesome! Definitely be ordering a pair.

That is a very cool idea. And I salute you for reinforcing the good decision making. At our regional competition we saw so many instances of poor decision making pilots and human players. Mostly related to not paying attention. Things like spending 5-10 seconds on a useless gear instead of making sure the ropes were down. Just simply not paying attention to the end of the match and not deploying ropes. Not cooperating with the other pilot. Not being ready when a robot goes to the feeder station. And paying attention to the audience rather than game strategy. Kudos to your human player for good decision making under pressure.

We outta get one for Donald…He worked with her all during finals.
Maybe get one for Steven too. Nate and Matt need to contact Kyle or Mrs. B.

Contact Kyle? I refuse to talk to that fool.

ha ha

Unfortunately, some of us can’t ignore him :frowning:

I don’t have a team and I want to 3D print several dozen of these in lapel pin form just because they’re neat. Pretty sure I could drop blank tie tacks into a paused print just like a trapped nut. Though it would require a grid of holes in my spare MIC6 plate…

Would you happen to have a CAD file for the design? I would like to cnc something like this.

Great wings.

And Pilot is in my opinion the hardest job out there.

Yes, we do. I’m happy to email it to anyone who orders 10 patches, when they are delivered.

I love the idea, but aren’t you bending the rules by selling products at an event?(even if money doesn’t change hands, the delivery of the product is the completion of the sale)

Vendors have had delivery to pit options available at times for teams. Is this not the same thing?

I recently bought a shirt from another team and was handed it at the event but the sale was done before hand. Is this also against the rules?

Rule E08. Do not sell any products. This includes food, hats, shirts or any promotional products.

Seems pretty clear to me.

Again, some vendors have pit delivery. Is that illegal? If so, guess someone better tell AM and VEX right quick.

There is absolutely no rule against teams selling products. The rule is to not sell at the event. If a delivery just so happens to be at an event, what’s the problem?

The rule is “Do not sell”. It does not say “do not deliver previously-sold items”.



verb (used with object), sold, sell·ing.
to transfer (goods) to or render (services) for another in exchange for money; dispose of to a purchaser for a price:
He sold the car to me for $1000.

I’m failing to see how this helps your argument.

Just like most of the rules in FIRST, what is the reason behind the rule? Is it to prohibit teams from selling products to others in the community? No, I do not think that is the intent. I believe the intent is to keep the competitions focused on the teams, their robots and the awards they are working towards. They do not want merchandise sales to take away from that. It is not a “convention”, it is a competition.

I could of course be wrong, but that is how I interpreted their reasoning for the rule.

I did the exact same thing and the entire crowd was yelling at me for it. We ended up winning by a triple climb and even afterwards I was still scolded by our alliance members. It’s not fair but once I explained the situation they were understanding. But most of all the crowd needs to remember that we have to make hard decisions within seconds and that we will absolutely do what we think is right for the team.

Good for you. The pilot position is the hardest human player position I’ve ever seen. Probably harder than field coach this year. Plus you get the added bonus of a thousand people watching you and criticizing your every move. Sounds like you deserve some wings…