Airship Pilot Wings

Because people have been asking, we’re going to make Lexan etched wings available in addition to the patches. These will be like the ones in my original post. For just wings, with no team number, the price will be $15. For wings like ours, with a custom team number, the price will be $20. If these need to be shipped, not delivered to a pit, there will be a $5 charge for shipping. Team numbers can be in a custom font, if you supply the font file or a download link.

For Lexan wings, PM me directly rather than using the patch order form. Lexan wings will be shipped within a couple days of fabrication, so they will be available much sooner than the patches. We can deliver these to the Chesapeake District Championship event as well as the two World Championship events. I’ll be heading to the shop tonight to make the first batch, so get in an order today if you want to be in the first production run.

Examples of plain wings and ones with a custom number. Wingspan is three inches.

Orders for wing patches delivered to your team’s pit at the Houston Championship are closed.

Orders for the St. Louis event are still open.

We have received our FIRST STEAMWORKS Airship Pilot Wings! They came out great!](

There is still time to place an order for delivery to your pit in St. Louis, or shipped to your mailing address.](

Wings will mail out next week.

OMG this is amazing! Thank you for putting this together… I just ordered one for our AWESOME Pilot!!! See you in St Louis! :slight_smile:

This is great, and our pilot definitely deserves a pair. Thanks for doing this!

Running out of time for orders.

Mine arrived on Wednesday, the are super cool. Thanks for making and sharing them!

Post a pic!

Not too late to place your orders.