Is there anything in the rules that prevents a team from using airzookas to knock other frisbees out from the sidelines?

Im sure there is a rule that we cant throw objects, but what about air?

I sometimes forget this is a forum with a lot of high schoolers, and I sometimes forget how bad they are at trolling…

No. Just no.

That’s not even taking advantage of the rules, that’s just playing dirty.

There are rules about what the drive team can have during a match. This is not one of the allowed items.

I think the troll meant standing in the stands as a spectator.

It’s that little quoted rule, 3.14.1, that requires all competitions to conform to the laws of physics.

It might be worth trying at the Hogwarts’ Academy off-season event, where 3.14.1 is normally waived.


Please note that 3.14.1 also specifically disallows helping robots to climb by “jumping up and down really hard” in the stands, and using divine intervention to improve autonomous mode.

I hope you are using the term “they” loosely. :rolleyes:

This was a pretty bad troll…

The game is meant to be played by the humans and robots that are on the field and no one else. Duh. Other illegal acts from the sidelines include:

  1. Jamming a robot’s radio
  2. Blinding a driver with a portable skylight
  3. Disabling a robot with an EMP canon
  4. Distracting a driver with an LRAD
  5. Shooting drivers with tranquilizer darts
  6. Throwing caltrops onto the field
  7. “Disabling” a robot with a Barrett M82 sniper rifle.

I propose that before anyone uses the “it’s just air” excuse, they must explain the difference between sniping a frisbee with a puff of air, versus a well placed blunted arrow. And if they still want to argue “it’s just air”, then we toss them in a 75mph wind tunnel for 30 minutes or so. I mean, it’s just air, it’s not like it’s really doing anything.

They dont have trolls in canada right? I thought they were abominable snowmen up there? :confused:

Nope just polar bears and friendly moose.

I don’t know. The whole Quebec PastaGate thing really seems like an epic bit of trolling if you ask me.

For more serious discussion: Would it be legal to mount a device on a robot to do this? Would it be moral?

Yes and yes. No different than teams using fans in '09 (and this year from what I’ve heard).

That’s definitely both legal and moral. It isn’t stretching any rules.

What if you just get your whole team to blow REALLY hard at the opposing alliance?

And lots. Very rapidly. For the whole 2:15. I mean, someone has to test the regional’s response to an entire team fainting on the sidelines, right?

EDIT:My wife suggests paper bags are recommended. I think paper bags are a sign you’re not truly committed to the cause.

By using the digits of pi as a letter-skipping sequence I have been able to decode this year’s rules and find some hidden messages. One of them clearly allows for the use of Airzookas, with the following restrictions:

  • They must be powered by a legal robot battery
  • They may only be used on disks inside the team’s Auto Zone
  • The air column it generates must be contained within a 54x84 meter cylinder
  • The only team member who may use the device is a costumed mascot

It’s completely different than using fans in 2009, and I don’t know of any teams using them this year. In 2009, fans were used to provide additional propulsion given the mandated wheels and “regolith” surface, not to deflect game pieces.

I don’t have a picture, but I’m almost 100% positive 869 has a giant fan on their robot.

Im sure there is a rule that we cant throw objects, but what about air?

I don’t know how everyone here skipped over this bit of gold.

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