AKA input field missing

@Brandon_Martus It seems that when you imported the AKA field for each user, you did not create a field in the User>Preference>Account or User>Preference>Profile page that lets users manually edit their AKA field. Is this the case or am I missing something?


I did not bring that field over.

Can you use the ‘Name’ field for that purpose?

I think ‘Name’ and ‘AKA’ are separate things. AKA shows up next to usernames, and we can’t edit those right now.

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Fair enough … I’ve added it, but won’t be importing the old data.


Isn’t the old data populating the space next to our usernames??

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The AKA field (I assume that’s what it is) came over, it’s to the left of our user name here (“busy.” for you). Maybe it came over as an accident, I just thought you meant to migrate it. The problem is the text to the left of the username (whether it is AKA or another field) is not editable.

As an aside the posting cap limit increase is obviously working.


Found it in the User>Preferences>Profile page, thank you.

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FYI anyone going to that page and not seeing it, I had to forcibly refresh the page to get it to show. Thanks @Brandon_Martus for the quick update!

Edit: Hrm, but it’s not showing my update…

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Found the same thing, changed the AKA field, but it doesn’t appear to have updated the text next to my user name.

Looking at your profile, its looks like the “AKA” field is separate from the user titles. Discourse may not support custom user titles?

So it appears to be updating to the users profile, but not the pre-populated text. If I hover over the “C” icon for @che.smith, or in the profile quick view (just clicking the “C”), or in the full profile I can see it. Seems to be a lack of connection between the input field and the previous text that was migrated.

The AKA and Custom User Title were two separate fields on the old forums. The Custom User Title is what was ported over and is displayed next to user names, but has no editable field in Profile Preferences.


@Kristian_Calhoun nailed it. You had, iirc, 4 lines on the left below your username: your user title (default to registered user), your AKA field (default to null), team number, and team role. Role is gone entirely. Team number is moved to just user profiles. AKA field is also on user profiles, and User title is displayed next to username and cannot be edited at all.


:bell: Ding! Ding! Ding! :bell:

Thank you @Kristian_Calhoun, that is what this field is.

@Brandon_Martus does this make more sense or is that migrated text stuck for a while? Not a big deal over here if it goes to the bottom of the list of tweaks.

Looks like it … I’ll see if I can move it somewhere editable. Working on performance first, though.


Testing, just made my account today, what will it say…