Albert Einstein or Woodie?

Check out the latest issue of Smithsonian. The article ‘Birth of a Robot’ has pictures of an animatronic Albert Einstein…but I swear it looks more like Woodie!

I does look more like Woodie that Einstein. But those animatronic robots scare me for some odd reason :eek: . I say stick to body parts like Dean.

i have to agree, the robot definitely looks more like Woodie than Einstein… however either way that robot is so creepy! and that picture with the kid humanoid all opened up is just weird… i think i’ll stick to FIRST robots

Does this imply that really smart people look alike?
Can Woodie be Einstein’s clone?:eek: Or son? :eek: :eek:

Woodie’s face is similar, but somewhat thinner. From certain angles, though, it’s scary how similar they are.

even my mom (who isn’t so much into FIRST) noticed the similarity… i think the animatronic was missing the hair, lending itself much closer to Woodie’s ponytail…


It’s sort of like the answer to “what do you get when you cross Einstein + Woodie?” I can see some resemblance to both.

That’s the only time I saw the similarities as well.
With the hair removed, it looked more like the pulled back look of a ponytail that we are all accustom to seeing Woodie sport oh so fashionably! ::safety::

This person is one of the more interesting people I have met. I actually asked him how the family to Phillip K. Dick reacted to making a robotic version of him. When I saw him he was looking for actuators that don’t make noise.