Alien vs. Predator -- June 20, 2009 Downingtown PA

Alien vs. Predator - June 20, 2009

A reminder that Alien vs. Predator is coming up. It is a chance to drive your FTC or VRC robot one more time, or build a cross-over robot to play the other game or both.

We will be running back to back events this day. Come play Elevation in the morning and Face Off in afternoon. Your FTC, VRC robots are welcome to play either game. Doors open at 8AM, first match is at 9AM, awards at 4 PM.


Pick the rule set you want to use. If you pick VRC then your robot must conform to the basic VRC rule for Elevation to play in both contests (i.e… Only VEX parts, one battery, etc.) Likewise if you pick FTC rules, then you must conform to the FTC rules for Face Off to play in both contests. You may compete in one or both of the contests.

There will not be autonomous for either event. We will be going old school on the driving, the referee will go 1-2-3 Start to begin the 2 minute driving period for both contests. 3-2-1 STOP will end, and drivers are to stop driving at that point. FTC robots should make sure the have a solid Blue Tooth connection, competition crystals will be available for the VRC robots.

Scoring will follow the rules for each event.

Event is at the Downingtown Educational Center, 335 Manor Ave, Downingtown PA. Entry fee is $20 per robot, there will be food at the event. Come and celebrate the end of school and the start of summer with one last VRC/FTC robot event!

Please contact DEWbotrobot at yahoo dot com or me to say that you are coming.