"Alignment devices that are external to the robot"

As per the title, rule G02H prohibits the use of “alignment devices that are external to the robot.”

I wonder if we would be allowed to use a retractable string or a laser pointer as an alignment device, provided we attached it to the robot frame?

If so, this seems to be a kind of stupid rule.

I imagine a string would be subject to extension rules, though it would be somewhat of a gray area.
I dunno how a laser pointer would play with the battery / power rules.
I’ve seen teams make clever use of straws and tubing before though, so take that as you will.

Well, unfortunately it seems that consumer laser pointers are all at least class II, so that’s a no-go regardless (the language of the rule makes me think that a laser pointer on the robot would be illegal even if it is never turned on during match play).

Still thinking the string is probably a good idea, if it’s allowed.