Will all video matches be posted some place?
I have found some Curie videos which I am most interested in.
I would like to see all the elimination matches of each sub-division.


Hopper Subdivision:*

*Qualification Matches 61-127 on Hopper will be uploaded soon.

Just a reminder, as y’all find and upload videos, please enter them into this spreadsheet so they can get archived on TBA for future posterity

I don’t believe that is the correct URL.

Shoot. Edited.

Can you find all videos somewhere on TBA?

If teams have recorded the matches and submitted them to TBA, there will be a small ‘Watch Video’ button (a circle with a triangle inside it) next to the respective matches listed on the event page (or in this case the subdivision page).

I too am interested in Curie videos. If you could let me know where you have found what you have, it would be much appreciated.

The Elimination Rounds on Curie were a blast. It was great to see all of the NW Teams out there. Good to see the starfish spinners doing their thing…

Does anyone have any video of Newton? Even if it’s just elims.

PNW did well for them selves.
Looking forward to 2016 season.

Does anyone have video of Carver matches? I’m interested in watching some matches I was unable to see.

I want to see Carson; I need to know why 254 and 4488 didnt have a super close finals there… there has to be some great can battles there