All divisions - info needed for scavenger hunt

We will be compiling a short scavenger hunt for school groups to do at the Championships - but we need your help.

At the St. Louis regional, we used this scavenger hunt for visiting student groups who are new to FIRST, as a way to start conversations with the students in the pits.

I already have a hunt done for the Lego teams, but need info for the FRC and FTC teams.

Please send:
Your division, team number/name and a feature on your robot that is ‘unique’ and would be something that is easily explained to newcomers and visitors.

Send to:
[email protected]

Thanks and be safe in your travels -

See you next week!


I could use info from a few more teams for the Scavenger Hunt. I hope to have it finalized by Monday evening…


Team 33 The Killer Bees
We have black honeycomb on our robot.

Hope this helps, Bryan

Hope you got our email!

Thought of something more unique on our robot(s)–green LEDS on the big robot, some other color LEDS on our minibot. That’s just what we do :slight_smile:

Team 1912 Combustion
Electric Blue arm with a bright orange claw.

Team 2949 PWNAGE
Our robot’s arm grabs from both sides, also robot is shiny with lots of holes in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Team 1188
OakTown Crewz
Flip out control board

Buzz Robotics
Team 175
The infamous smiley face, and introducing this year,:yikes: Buzz’s “Game face”

Team 931
We have the biggest sprocket on our robot… ever!
Or we have a monocoque structure for an arm and semi- for a tower. That’s pretty unique too.

OHHH How about this one! We were stabbed in SMR, and now our robot has a band-aid on the back of it, with a little green blood around the edges of the band-aid?

Team 1538 - The Holy Cows
Our wrist joint uses gas shocks to fold in and pop out of our frame perimeter.

Team 2016 Archimedes - This is a great idea. Not sure what you are looking for but here are a few things

On our deployment arm we have our “Acme Rocket Sled”
In the pits we have a 16" square Rubik’s Cube
In the pits we will have info on communicating with Deaf Individuals
Look for the monkeys in our pits too

The Mighty Monkey Wrenches

You might want to include the various exhibiters that will have exhibits right beside the pits (I am assuming the layout will be similar to past years in Atlanta, but that might be completely wrong now that competition fields will be in the same building as the pits).

931 does something similar with surgical tubing! =)

Team 3160
Curie Division
Our robot has Spinners on it!!

Brown and Gold Robot (almost everything on our robot has been anodized brown, gold, or black)

I’ve been working with the St. Louis Science Center on this project - they are going to have a table in the pit area (not sure of location) where I hope to leave the forms.

See you all in a few days!



Team 191
Team Picture is on display in our number on the robot.

Team 57 in Curie division. Our robot has black and yellow signs on it that can’t be missed. We are also planning on having the Leopard at the top of our shelves given that we can set up our pits the same as we do in Regionals.

I hope this helps and can’t wait to see everyone at Championships.

2081 Icarus
We have a minibot pole in our pits that accurately times minibots with a photo sensor and we are going to have a contest to see who has the fastest minibot.

2137 TORC (The Oxford RoboCats)
Our Arm has the quote: “I pick things up & put them down”

The reason it says this, not sure if Planet Fitness is National or not…