All dressed up and nothing to mount...yet.

What’s missing here?

Waiting… not so patiently…drumming fingers…We need something to place here…

I’m guessing:

a cRio
a digital sidecar, maybe 2
a power distribution panel
a battery
some spikes
maybe a jaguar or 4
a bunch of wire

…i hope i got it right

And a partridge in a pear tree?? LOL

You seem to be missing your battery. Once you plug that in everything should be good though. :smiley:

martin417, Did you guys order for early shipment or are you guys just eager for kick-off?

Yes, ordered for early shipment, awaiting delivery…

If you’re looking to do a little more you can,
Download the newest versions of the paperwork
Read though the data sheets
Plug in some PWM cables.
Strip the ends of those power leads going into the Victors
Remove the Victors (the new benchtop test uses the Jags)
Put a couple of pieces of tape on the output shafts (so you can see direction of rotation)
tap fingers on the table a few more times.

Our team 2358 Lake Zurich is in the same boat.

Out of curiosity when did your team make payment?

Our team got ours fairly fast… i know we applied for BETA testing, so i have a hunch that the teams that applied for BETA got theirs first. (Just a hunch)

Sorry to bust your bubble, but we also applied to be a Beta team. (Georgia Tech got the nod in our area, and rightly so, the Robojackets, and the teams they sponsor, have done a bang up job) and yet we haven’t heard anything yet.

My impression was kits were shipped based on geographic distance from HQ. Closest got theirs in the first run, farther got theirs later.

Shouldn’t it have been the opposite so that the teams would all receive their kits at roughly the same time?

That was my thought too, but the first teams to post about getting tracking #'s for their control system were from states neighboring NH.

Team 368 got their kit before Thanksgiving and we ours arrived in Hawaii (but could not pick up) on Black Friday via ground shipping.
I wonder if NASA grant teams had priority since we didnt even handle the shipping to us.:rolleyes:

We also got ours before Thanksgiving so I doubt it is based on geographic distance. I’d assume it’s based on when payment was received or it’s random…

We are also a NASA grant team this year, but sadly, we are still awaiting delivery. We haven’t even gotten any shipping info yet.

I got an e-mail from FIRST that said that shipment is made based upon when payment was made.

Still waiting, but we paid late…:confused:

Nah, we’re just up the street from 1771, like literally, 10 minutes. And we got ours like a week ago.

Still haven’t heard anything:( .I think the ship schedule has to do with when each team paid.
What I wonder now is: when will they ship the last system? I read that there are approximately 1,200 teams signed up for early shipment. They started showing up around Nov. 18, so I would guess they started shipping around Nov. 11. It would be silly to ship after about Dec. 12 or 15, because the systems would be showing up at schools that are closed for the holidays. That means they have a total of about 25 shipping days. That would require them to ship about 48 systems a day. This seems doable. I really hope the system doesn’t show up at the last possible moment, that won’t be much improvement over waiting for kickoff, but it cost a lot more:mad: . Does anyone see a flaw in my logic?

I hope we get it soon. I really want to come by over break and look at it and see what our programmers have it doing