all fans on 1 circuit?

for the past three years i’ve been wiring all muffin fans to their own 20 amp breakers. Because they draw so little current and would be fine clumped together on one circuit, i would like to do this for simplicity and was wondering if there are any rules against it.

thanks for the help,

How is that simpler? You can wire them all to the input side of the victor… which ensures that when the speed controller has power, the fan has power. Seems like a safer approach to me… no chance of operating a speed controller without cooling.

yes that what i’ve done for the fans cooling the victors…i’m talking about the large muffin’s and other smaller ones used for ventilation and cooling motors throughout the bot.

hooking extra muffin fans all to one breaker is ok.

I suggest you take an old motor apart sometime and look at how its constructed. The amature inside the motor does not touch the case at all, and that is what turns into a space-heater when you stall the motor.

The drill motors and FP motors have internal blowers that suck air across the windings. The CIMs are sealed and have no internal airflow.

The point is, blowing air across the outside of the motors is 99% psychological. It will have no effect on the windings inside the motor. If you tend to overheat your motors you need to gear down your geartrains to keep the motor RPM higher.