All Girls Teams?


if there were more all girls teams we would get beat and thats no fun not to mention all girls teams leaders get mad when you ding dong ditch there hotel rooms lol but ya we got a rookie girl this year and shes the best rookie weve had in a long time


You do realize that girls are now outperforming guys on a lot of standardized testing, right? I think that there are also more women in engineering schools, although I might be wrong on that. But, I do find the gender ratio of the GDC sort of odd.



I really think that the mentors of the teams need to start a retreat of some sort. Sometimes mentors just need to take a break, I mean I am one of only four mentors on my team. Don’t get me wrong I love these students but on occasion I need a little break. :slight_smile:


Id like an all girls team :rolleyes:


Universities in general, yes. Engineering programs, no. (And since a given engineering school might have non-engineering programs, I suppose that it’s not impossible that they actually do have more females, thanks to their other programs. But I’ve never heard of a majority of girls in an engineering class—mine is about 8:1 for the guys.)


How many people can raise that much money every year?


When i see an all girls team, it makes me proud to be a girl, for the girls being an all girls team thank you! because it shows the guys that yes we girls can also do things like all other guys. do, and don’t think because we’re girls doesn’t mean we don’t know how to work on robots or anything like that. And when an all girls team make it to the near finals! Whoa. proud of all of you guys! :smiley: Most of all, i love how the Occra has an all girls competition. Now thats the day that we girls shine :stuck_out_tongue: , and show the guys, teacher, and anybody that we girls can do great things like that too! =)
p.s Yes we girls should really get more involved! it’s great to see that girls can do things too! :smiley:


I give a high five plus a hug to all the all-girls teams. good job. it shows men and boys that we can do any mans job. And also, not only for all girls teams, but for all the girls that are involved in FIRST robotics and even in lego league. girls rock haha



there are two all girls teams in the NYC regionals


An all girl team would be fun, but I don’t think it would get more girls to join… at least not here in Colorado.
Heh… we have enough drama on the team with mostly boys… I can’t imagine what an all girl team would be like at shipping time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas on getting more girls to join are welcome though


I’m on the all girls team in the co-ed school. It’s hard because the guys team has many more active members than our team, but the few girls we have are learning loads and working hard to have a robot as good as if not better than the guys.
The nice thing is that both teams are able to get feed back from each other, and help each other out.
Also, each team has their own sponsors, so that’s never an issue, but you do get a lot of drama, but I think that’s can be any high school students who spend most of their free time together.
At the moment Team 1929 has more of their robot complete than Team 555, but that’s because we (both teams) are waiting for parts to come.
Also, it’s just fun to have two teams, were as previous years, the guys did all the driving and mentoring in the competitions and the girl would cheer them on. This year the girls get to drive their own robot, with the guys cheering them on.
If you see either Team 1929, you’ll see Team 555 there cheering their friends on. And reverse.


I can guarantee that the girl on the Cyber Cards team 1529 did not join because of the guys. She wants to be an engineer!


I’d have to say that having a boys and a girls team would add a new competitive edge on FRC. :cool: However, that means twice as many sponsors, twice as many mentors, and a substantial amount of boys and girls. :ahh: Each team would definitely get more individual experience. The only problems I can think of would be lack of money and engineers. Also, I’m sorry to say that we may gain or lose girls in this process. :frowning: It’d be a lot of work, but it’d be fun. :smiley:


What he actually said was this:

Your post takes his post to an extreme. He said /SOME/, not all. Please don’t misrepresent what other posters have said.

I agree with a lot of what has been said here. I’m not sure how it would increase the girls’ interest in robotics to have all girl teams. If you have 5,000 girls interested in this activity, I don’t understand why creating all-girl teams would make more girls want to join.

I’m not maligning the OP here, I’m just adding my personal opinion that it’s probably not going to help.

Paul Dennis


Just a quick correction. Other than last year (where we had two different driving teams), the drivers were always the team captains. Both the rookie year (2001) and my first year (2002) had girl drivers. Also, the following year’s (2003) lack of girl drivers was partially due to an extreme lack of girls (the only one on the team was Audrey)!

As for mentors, we had female mentors every single year. Don’t forget last year where Liz mentored at all of the regional competitions!


Ok I am completely 100% all for more girls in the team lol especially good looking ones that can help around :smiley:

Ok seriously, more help is always great no matter what gender, race, language or whatever. More skill + more help = great. Also a little bit of eye candy never hurt anyone right?

But in all truth and honesty I dont care about anything as long as the new members are there to learn, help around, and use their skills for the better of our team. I know there are some people who just join the team for a ride to go traveling or whatever and dont even jump up and dance/cheer our team. I hate that, you either have to help build the robot, do something to help us, or dance. You dont even have to dance well because I mean I dance over there at the competition, and loose my voice and everything. So yea more girls in FIRST teams are great just as long as they help with the team and dont just join so they can go with us to the regionels and stuff for a “free ride” as I call it.


just from a programming standpoint, I’d rather have ANYONE who could program than anyone who couldn’t, regardless of their gender. However, I’m not qualified to comment on other aspects of the team.

as for a seperate girls team, my school barely has enough ppl interested in robotics for ONE team, much less two…

also, it goes without saying that ANY programmer on a FIRST team MUST be willing to ignore the teacher and program for the robot ON PAPER, DURING CLASS.


I think we can all agree that it doesn’t matter who is on the team just as long as theres people who work, and are there to help the team so they can have fun too and everything. IMHO,

anyone that can help > girls who just sit around doing nothing for a “free ride”


I’d just like to have one girl on our team. My daughters come to the meetings out of necessity and are starting to take interest and learn about some things. One day I hope they will participate on our team.

We do not have many students on our team (about 12 regulars).
I keep trying to interest more of my programming girls but even those numbers are low this year.

Any ideas how to market to girls too.



im on an all girls team (433) and we do just fine every year with recruiting and competitions and whatnot.

i think having an all girls team in a co-ed school is absolutely ridiculous though. the only reason my team is all girls is because my school is all girls. by separating girls from the boys, it’s like saying that they SHOULD be separate. as a girl and a future engineer, i find this incredibly insulting. if you want to spread the message that girls are just as good as guys, dont make them separate teams. have them all working together, competing against each other, etc.