All Girls Teams?


:mad: for your information girls don’t just join the team because of the guys. Us girls probably are more useful than most guys and we know more than you think we do!


I’m sure the young women on your team would be delighted to hear this estimate of their contribution.


All girl’s teams rock! Yeah!!! :cool: :wink:


chicks arnt usually as smart/nerdy as robotics dudes. ya. im bein sexist, but just sayin that itd be easy ta beat all girl teams. haha. :wink:


I don’t know how you could possibly say that. I certainly hope it’s just a very bad joke, especially seeing as this is your first year competing so you don’t really have much basis for such a statement.


? r u insane? im just sayin as of nerdy guys…they care more and try harder…no offense to women. women can or cant be better; in general, they are smarter, but in extreme situations, they arent. please dont be quick ta judge.


i dont know about all the “nerdy guys” that you’re talking about, but im pretty intense. down in the basement every day, working my heart out, leaving homework to the very last minute to go chop up some aluminum, etc. All the other girls on my team are the same way. And I don’t know every robot girl our there, but I’m thinking they’d be just as offended as I am right now. Sure, it’s scientific fact that girls’ brains are usually more geared towards english and whatnot, but when we’re on the team, we’re good. And we’re dedicated. You wanna see how much? Take a look at everything my team has done.


I’m not being “quick ta judge,” nor am I insane as you so put it. Your statement is both false, and out of line. As a first-year member of a team you can’t say for a fact that men come any more, or work any harder, than women. Even if it has been your experience so far this year on your own team, you can’t generalize that for all teams. There is also no decisive evidence as to which sex is more intelligent, let alone if it is even really related to sex at all.

Finally, women are absolutely not, in any way, less intelligent in extreme situations. I have known a number of women in many different positions throughout FIRST, from team members and captains to officials like Ana Martinez, who are incredible under the stress of such situations. My own team (Montclair’s 555) has had the fortune of having women as captains in the past, and they have proven themselves to be completely equal, if not better, than the male captains (and I am speaking for myself as well). Montclair High School also has a second team, team 1929, which is further disproving your theory, as they are an all-girls team being led and completely run by girls. So far this year they are doing terrifically, and are currently further along in the build process than 555 is!

Last year alone for our team can disprove any notion that girls are less adept. One of the two captains (pika1579) was not only dedicated and unbelievably hard-working, but an amazing leader. The only other leader the team has had previously who was as good as her was our other past woman captain from a few years back.

I don’t mean to come off as harsh or rude, but I do take offense to your generalizations. You don’t have the experience to make the statements you did, nor is there a bit of truth to them beyond anything you have experienced so far.


I don’t know what you are talking about. I am a woman and, as Adam said, I was captain of team 555, and 555 has a lot to show for it. As to women not working hard or caring enough that is completely not true. I worked very hard and cared very much about the team. I am still going back to help them when I can. People care about robotics regardless of their gender. You have no right to make generalizations like that.


bull there are only to girls on my team at the moment and we’re both more valuable than some of the boys. Im a freashman and my friend is a Senior.


I believe phrontist was being sarcastic. I wouldn’t get too upset at that statement.


i’m from the #433 firebirds (an all girls team from PA) n we’re just as good as the guys. this yr our team has started the first FRC team in africa n by next yr we plan for them to compete at the philly regional. This yr we have fundraised enough money for 10 of their members to come to PA just to scout (that’s $13,000 for 10 plane tickets). so girls can do remarkable things n are certainly an asset to the robotics community in general

however, i do not believe that u should make an all girls team in a co-ed school simply because that’s not fair. if all the girls on ur team support that decision to make another team then sure, by all means. i think the girls that join robotics are just as good as guys b/c the girls that want to join have the desire to learn programming, designing, mechanics, and etc. therefore shouldnt u want them on ur team? n isnt it in the best interest of ur team to have them there? building a robot isnt about how many ppl is on ur team or everybody having an equal say, its about learning to work in an engineering environment and rising up the challenge. the engineering environment isnt divided, so why should ur team be?


Team 868 officially apologizes for the comments by one of our members, and we are working to ensure that they will not happen again. Please be aware that the beliefs stated below are not held by Team 868 as a whole. We regret that this is necessary, but please disregard the following posts. Thank you for your time.

In other news, at least five of our most influential team members are girls, and are an irreplaceable part of this team. We support any efforts to help women in engineering fields. We hope you’re having a great build season!

~Kyle Lemons
Team 868 - Head of Control Systems and Electronics


yes, sorry on my part. i didnt even mean anything that i had said. im not even on the team, and i didnt even think that anyone would take it seriously. well, please accept my dearest appology for any wrong ideas you might have about team #868. this is not what anyone thinks at all. not even me. well, please accept my appology for the team.


I don’t understand how this could seem funny. Maybe the first post alone could be construed as a very bad joke, but the second post made it real. In any case, I respect you and the team for the apologies. Thank you.


I graduate several years ago from an all-girls’ high school where I helped to start our FIRST team. We never questioned our “weirdness” until our second year, at the Chicago regional, where we were made fun of, groped in a “tunnel” after we won an award, and had disbelieving (male) scouts asking how we managed to build a robot if we were all girls. Also, the MC made a big deal out of referring to us as the “all-girls team” every time we were announced at a match. Didn’t really help us to blend in and just play the game.

On the team I now mentor, we’ve got about half and half boys and girls, and it’s the same with the mentors. We treat both genders equally, and we get the same quality work out of both. Nothing is ever mentioned about the girls doing something versus the guys doing something.

At competition, on your own teams, in high school and college and the real world, just don’t make a big deal of it. It’s not a problem until you make it one. If you have equal expectations for everyone and hold to them, chances are you’ll see the results you want.


I really don’t understand why this is such a controversial issue. I mean, why are we talking about making all-girls teams? If girls want to be on a FRC team, they don’t have to make a big “gender bender” movement about it. And I don’t think we should have all-girls teams just so that they are there. If that’s the way it turns out, just let it be.
I am one of 4 high school girls on our team, and we have 2 female mentors. So what if the boy-girl ratio isn’t perfect? Its just how things unfold. We should think of it as an intelligence thing, its about people’s interests and what they want to do.

If people are concerned about the number of girls in FIRST, why are they?


I just want to say thanks to Adam Shapiro for standing up to the false statements that were posted. So…Thanks :slight_smile:


Its not controversial to have all girls teams in general. The issue is, is it appropriate for there to be 2 teams an all-girls team and the resulting “all-guys” team. Why? Because it has happened in some places.

I agree completely that the number of girls to girls on a team shouldn’t just be a ratio, the team should just be made up of people who are really interested no matter if they’re girls or guys.


You’re certainly welcome. :wink: