All Girls Teams?


I am sorry but I think that an all girls team would good but it would feel a bit sexist if you made whole new robotics team at a co-ed school. I think that you should just try to get more girls involved then the teams would not have to compete against each other. Besides I do not think that it is legal to have two teams at the same school. Hey it would be cool if they Had a robotics class then even more people would get involved.


Nothing to be sorry about :slight_smile:

I think most people on this thread so far would agree with you. All-girls teams are a fine idea when it is a necessity (such as at an all-girls school) but creating one alongside an existing team is more segregational and detrimental than it is helpful. It is, however, legal to have two teams at the same school; teams 555 and 1929 (the all-girls team at Montclair High School) prove just this.

Definitely. They actually do have this at Montclair High School. It works out well.


As the current captain of 555, I can say that the girl’s of 1929 have much more of a drive to get the robot done and to learn new skills than the guy freshman on Team 555 For a first year team with all but one rookie member, they are doing amazingly well and have finished their robot and programmed it by Saturday at 4:00PM. As for 555, its getting there…

I only wish that having an all girls team didn’t also turn the other into an all guys team. Our two teams are trying to get around this, but it has been an almost impossible struggle. Our best way to bridge the gap was the decision that any member may go to any competition. For example, many of the girls are coming to Trenton where 555 is competing and a few of the guys are going to Hartford to help 1929.


Are yo thinking of think pink or another team?


I agree with this statement 100%. Its almost like saying we are going to have a 100% (insert any “group” here)… that does not seem very ethically correct if you ask me. Of course there are exceptions such as an all girl’s school or an all boy’s school… then the teams demographic will reflect that.

When it gets broken down it should all be a team full of “people who love FIRST, and want to be there” regardless of anything else.


Les Femmes Fatales? Team 709, I guess.


As a female, I think all girls teams from Co-ed schools are a very, very, bad idea. While I agree that more girls could become involved in FIRST, I don’t believe sexual segregation is the way to go. I am speaking from the point of view of a girl on a co-ed team. I initially joined because my Chem. teacher mentioned the idea of a robotics team to my class. As time has gone on, I am one of 3 girls who have stayed constant on a team of appr. 20-25 members. I’m not on the team for dating, and I find the thought that I would’ve joined the team as some sort of dating service offensive. I have yet to date a guy from the team, and I prefer it that way, I wouldn’t want to spend that much time with ANY one person!
Anyway, I believe that co-ed is the best way to go if possible. There is so much everyone can bring to the table… I’m not so good at the mathematics or physics of our 'bots, but I’ll be jiggered if my ideas aren’t almost always the ones the team ends up adopting and modding to the benefit of our season!


Wait a minute. I have never seen a girl join our team because of boys. That is like saying that boys would join strictly because of the girls. That is a sexist remark. Us girls on our team are offended by that remark. We work just as hard and sometimes much harder then some of the boys. We use power tools, we help design, we are creative, and at times we show the boys how to do things. All of us belong to the Chicks Union and are proud of ourselves. The boys on our team support us in every way and encourage us. This is the way it should be. GIRLS ROCK :cool:


Maybe this is why you are the team mascot. Very insulting not only to us girls
but also to F.I.R.S.T. They encourage girls to work and compete to their fullest extent!! Maybe you should go back and do some research about what F.I.R.S.T. is all about.


I know that many, many people have been outraged by this statement, from both sexes. I am one of them. But seriously, why would someone even say this? How could someone say this? I don’t know, but they did.
There are some people out there that feel this way. But ya know, us girls can’t get all up tight about every single sexist thing said about us. In fact, it gives us power to prove them so dead wrong!!! YEAH!!! We know these remarks aren’t true, so lets not let it get so under our skin.
So forget about what soccerguy868 said. Or maybe even just laugh at it. Really, try it. Read what he wrote and just laugh. Maybe you have to read it twice, but I mean, he called us girls “chicks” and guys “dudes”. You see what I mean?? He wouldn’t even have had the guts to say it to a girl’s face at the thought of how much his hospital bill would be. lol jk.

So lets get back to the real issue and people’s views:
What do all of you think about forming all girl FRC teams in addition to an existing FRC team in a co-ed school?


This is ridiculous, I’m on Team 1929, and I was one of it’s founders, now that it’s the end of the 2006 build season I look back and am very glad we have become two teams. The Montclair’s teams work together, are friends, and always hangout together, but when we were combined there just was too many people and not enough work. Last year I was on Team 555 and 2 girls showed up for the build season, one of them was me and the other a co-captain. This year there are 15 members on the all-girls team, 7 of them very involved, and I know if they were on Team 555 this year they would still not know how to use power tools, configure electrical boards, program a robot, know c++, know how to make a website in java script and html, design, and many other things. When the teams were combined a person who didn’t know how to do something didn’t always learn how, it was no ones fault but that was just the way it was, this year there are more chances for girls and the boys to learn because there is more work.
So I understand that having 2 teams might not work well in every school, but in ours it has worked well.


Well, actually, one particular girl is why I signed up for Stagecraft when I was a senior. We’ve been married for 27 years now…


Was it a smaller team that made the difference?..Or the fact that it was an all girls team?

From what you said, not a lot of the girls had prior experience in robotics. Do you think you would have learned more if it was a smaller team with a few experienced people who learned a lot in past year and a few people ready to learn new things rather than the gender split?


i totally agree w/ u. i think more girls should be in Robotics. i am 1 of 2 girls on the team of 1323.

           Robyn :)


Same here…it’s just myself and another girl who’re like…ALWAYS there. There’s another girl who’s there from time to time but she hardly does anything when she comes. BUT…I’ve apparently been dubbed as ‘one of the guys’…and I’m not sure if I should take it as a compliment or an insult…

However, our marketing team is all girls.

But yeah…other than that, I’m the only other girl on the Build team.

2 years ago we had two teams. One was a guys team, one was girls. But, we decided to let our girls team go and just form one big team again because we just couldn’t afford it.


Give the kid a break! Soccerguy868 said he was sorry. What more do you want out of him? Look there are two possibilities as to how it was said

  1. He was kidding
  2. He was serious and isn’t going to believe different until he sees a girl’s team beat his.

Either scenario does not include any form of improvement by having people yell at him after he says sorry. I don’t believe anybody understands FIRST anyway until they have seen a competition…

I find this question really interesting. I mentor an all girls team that is suppose to be city-wide. Every school in the city except for two already have a team. I mentor 1725 not because of it is all girls but because I asked for a team to mentor and I was told this team needed a mentor. I however come from a co-ed highschool team so I have seen a little bit of both perspectives.

From a logistics perspective it is much easier to mentor teams that are not co-ed. (Between FRC and FLL I’ve done both) It is far less socially awkward and it keeps parents calmer. On my highschool team sometimes the boys would take a part home and sleep in shifts so somebody was working all night on it. Explaining to my parents that I was going to a boy’s house, that I would be the only girl, and that I was staying over just did not fly. I am very sure if I had been going to a girl’s house with no boys there my parents would have permitted me.

Perhaps if more girls had been going to work on the electronics board overnight my parents would have permitted me. The problem was they did not doubt that I was going to really work on an electronics board all night, they just thought it wasn’t the proper thing for me to do. I have not heard of parents telling their son that. I do think there is a correlation between parents with rules about what their daughter should or should not do (in the “properness” context of things) and daughters who are more use to a stereotypical definition of female roles in society. Those girls are the ones who will gain the most out of a FIRST experience. Those particular girls will gain a great deal from an all-girls team.

However I’m fully willing to admit: the idea is a sexist from the perspective of a girl ready to work with the boys who has parents who will let her. It also is a terrible approximation of life in the work force.

Also for the record

Originally Posted by lukevanoort
I think that there are also more women in engineering schools, although I might be wrong on that.

No way. Not within the engineering programs themselves. This shows the number of girls at WPI in various majors along with national averages data.

Only a few schools can sport 50/50 numbers and places like MIT have to fiddle with some numbers to pull it off (8% of men who apply get accepted to MIT. That number is closer to 19% for women).


How do you have an employee thats not entirely female? BTW for the comment about girls joining because of guys theres a 56 page thread in the chit chat section on dating.


He probably meant to say that few companies are made entirely of female employees. It was just a weird word choice.


Although i TOTALY suport 1929, 555’s Female Companions, i do think that it would be better of we were one team. Its really hard to split our resources and build two bots. I will halve to admit that there are more girls on 1929 then there have ever been on 555. So yes the team has succeded in getting more girls to join FIRST.


As an all girls community team based in Arizona,
we’re happy to see such amazing comments and supports of the all girl teams from an individual and team such as yourself!

Best Regards,
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