All Gyro's and IMU's returning 0

Our team has been working with Trajectory generation in WPIlib. We used the ADXRS450 gyro previously and it worked quite well for the at home challenges. This year however, we are trying to get similar code working, however, no matter what Gyro or IMU we use we can’t seem to get any value other than “0”. The wpilib docs indicate it is still supported and our roborio works in every other respect. We have also used sysID, the wpilib characterization tool, to attempt to get our empirical track width but still no values from the gyro. We have now tried 2 ADXRS450s, 2 ADIS16448, and an ADIS16470. We are unsure of how to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Any of the Analog Devices SPI gyros currently do not function due to a bug in the roborio image

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