All in one FRC Calculator by 5492

On behalf of Team 5492, I’ve developed a calculator that calculates FPS. It takes the following inputs: wheel size, motor RPM, (gear, belt or chain) tooth numbers and outputs the FPS. This program is still in the beta testing stage and I am looking for feedback as well as features you may want to see added!
this program is compatible with both Mac and Windows, it requires java to run.

if you run into any crashes, bugs or errors, please post a comment explaining what happened and or any error logs that my appear



If you wish to only do a single stage gear reduction put
‘1’ in both the “Ratio 2 Gear #3” and “Ratio 2 Gear #4

I must give full credit to my brother (for the formula, not programming). He developed the formula all on is own. While he may not have been the first to discover it, he did come up with it all by himself :slight_smile:

Windows download is now fixed

This is really cool! Sadly, I don’t know if it is something that hasn’t already been done. The JVN calculator ( ) is basically this spreadsheet with many more features. I’d encourage you check that out if you haven’t done so already.
That being said, it’s GREAT that you are trying things like this and I would love to see you try out new things. The JVN calculator covers a LOT of things but there are still many features that it lacks. Perhaps you could work on something like calculating the Spool-up time of a wheel or a calculator to tell how long it will take your robot to drive to a certain distance. Figuring out aspects of individual mechanisms and designing calculators around them (I.E. a calculator for the release angle of different types of shooters or the efficiency of an intake) would be something that takes the type of calculations done by the JVN calculation and applies them to specific aspects of FRC.