All Motors Flickering Orange

Hi everyone,

My team and I are having a problem with our speed controllers. We were testing a banebot motor and it began to move against the metal. We quickly disabled the program. After rebooting the program every speed controller began flickering orange. We’re not sure what the problem is, maybe we fried something. Another note… are banebots able to spin in reverse?

Your question is a little hard to understand. What do you mean by “move against the metal”? What motor controllers are you using? Flashing orange typically means that they are not receiving any PWM signal.
Banebot motors can be reversed.

Sorry, we moved the motor with a piece of metal on it, it was running and then was moving against another solid metal piece.

We are using Banebot R775
Victor Speed Controller 884

Yea the lights were solid before that happened then all the lights started flashing orange after re-enabling the robot.

It sounds like there is no PWM signal.
Check an make sure that:

  • The robot is enabled by the driver’s station.
  • The PWM cables are plugged in the correct way.
  • The digital sidecar is powered from a 12V terminal on the power board, and all three lights are green.
  • The cable from the cRIO to the sidecar is plugged in all the way.

We tried all that, ended up swapping the board. Works fine now, Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Which board?