all nh teams

what do the nh teams thinck about all of us getting to gather and makeing a battlebot?

Hey!! From my general knowledge…you might want to talk to Memorial’s team…because I know that their engineer wanted to to do battlebots now, cause its cheaper and what not…not sure if thats changed though…i’m not on the team, its just stuff i hear from my brothers and what not…but contact memorial definitly


I am sorta-not-really-kinda building one, I have no money though :frowning: but i think that would be smooth.


your sorta-not-really-kinda building one??? What??? I know there are people on your team who are though. but thats ok
Bambi(dont ask)
Moving on Yeah that would be so cool I was thinking off trying that at some point I would be interested and I think that my team’s engineer would be inteerested too I will check to find out

OOH! Count me in.

I’d like to build a battlebot. Some of the people on my team had talked about doing that. I think it’s a cool idea.