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Coach on team #1, Juggernaut, from Oakland Technical Center Northeast and 3 Dimensional Services.

Posted on 6/9/2000 10:29 PM MST

The Oakland Intermediate School District has agreed to help organize and give significant financial support to a Fall Robotics League. Structured along the lines of traditional sports teams, the league would provide a low cost, exciting, easily attainable intro to the FIRST-type experience that we have come to know and love. The league will have its first meeting on June 28th at 4 room 315 of the Oakland Schools building on Telegraph (across from the County Complex). The superintendents of all 28 districts in the county are being sent letters asking them to send a couple of representatives of each prospective team. A governing body will need to be choosen eventually, but the first order of business will be to form subcommittees to develop a game and kit of parts, start the PR, structure the finances, write the Charter, set the schedule, write supporting curriculum for the newbies…etc… In case your district’s superintendent doesn’t get the word out to your team, take a grassroots approach and come anyway! (Many hands make for light work). You can write me at this e-mail address (click on my name) if you want me to send you the file that contains the entire proposal. Thanks go out to Birta Allen, Joe Johnson, and Mike Martus for laying the groundwork this last year and a half and helping me develop the proposal. now it’s time for everybody else to ante-up!!!