All pictures are broken in CD Media


Not sure if I missed an announcement, but none of the pics load.
CD-Media post:

pic url

returns a 404 not found

6 Jan 2019 TBA Weekly Update

Hrm … they were working. I’ll check it out later.


Discourse got confused and thought those attachments/uploads were not needed anymore.

Luckily there’s a command to restore them, running now. :crossed_fingers:, but it looks very slow, could be a while before they’re all restored.

Edit: 6 hours later, 2% :expressionless:

Kickoff 2019 -- Destination Deep Space - READ ME NOW
Missing Photo
paper: 4 wheel independent drive & independent steering ("swerve")
paper: Roboting: A Guide for Total Noobs
Document links broken

Would it go faster if you took the site down for a little bit?


Taking the site down on the eve of kickoff? Bold move cotton


At the rate it’s going, even a decent improvement in speed means it may still be going past the reveal. Without CD, how else can I steal ideas inspire the students?


27% this morning.

Things you miss from the old CD

And I assume Discourse has been fixed to not try to delete them again? :wink:


1/9 @ 9:00am: 45.6%
1/10 @ 9:15am: 55.3%
1/11 @ 8:30am: 64.6%
1/12 @ 12:49pm: 76.1%
1/14 @ 8:18am: 95.2%


This process has finally completed. Let me know if you notice any missing images or papers. I clicked through a bunch of them and didn’t see any major issues, like we had before.


Links to the Tunable Linear Interpolated Arcade Drive explanation (PDF and ZIP) from this thread are still broken.


Looks like those were linked over to a separate paper … or to the files linked below, but the migration script didn’t catch that variation. I’ll check them out this evening and get them fixed (or pull the files from backup and fix).


Also have a few problem threads:

Broken Links

These are all taken care of.