(All Posted) Final FRC Top 25 | FRC Recap | FRC Round Up | Clips of the Week

The Final Charged Up FRC Top 25 is now open through Monday 5pm eastern at https://firstupdatesnow.com/frctop25 . Vote for up to 25 teams that you feel should be recognized in the Charged Up season. All teams are eligible! Let us know what teams you feel should be voted on by the FRC community!

Clips of the week submissions are now open through Monday 5pm eastern at https://discord.gg/firstupdatesnow in the frc-clips-of-the-week channel.

Show Schedule: Live streams at https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow and archived at https://YouTube.com/firstupdatesnow

Monday 7:30pm eastern FRC Recap: Correspondents from all around the world will provide event recaps on all events from week 6. DCMPs will have extended recaps and DCMPs with divisions will be broken down between the divisions.

Monday 9:00pm eastern: FRC Round Up. Guest and topics TBD. Round Up is a round table discussion and debate show talking about pertinent topics in FRC. Main topic will be about alliance selection with other topics added later.

Tuesday 8:00pm eastern: FRC Top 25 will rundown the Top 25 teams as voted upon for the community and show off ranks 26-50 and talk about snubs of the week.

We also have a FUNalysis, Clips of the Week and 20+ Behind the Bumpers videos being posted over the next few days!

We will also be doing a Championship preview and predictions show most likely the Tuesday prior to champs.


We’re going to have a record number of votes for FRC Top 25 more than likely. Don’t forget that polls close at 5pm eastern. Vote here

Some Updates:

FRC Round Up tonight at 9pm eastern:
Guest Marco Guerra, drive coach for 3005 RoboChargers & Texas DCMP winners
Future of drive trains in FRC: Inspired by End of Mecanum Drive?
RoboChargers for All: Championship initiative 3005 is promoting for teams to promote inclusivity at championships
DCMP Inside Info Marco will provide their perspective and inside info from FiT DCMP, Nick Jr from FiM DCMP and Connor from NE DCMP. This topic will be longer than others.

Giveaways on stream:
FRC Recap (7:30pm eastern Monday): AndyMark giveway
FRC Round Up (9pm eastern Monday): REV Robotics giveaway
FRC Top 25 (8pm eastern Tuesday): The Thrifty Bot giveaway


FRC Recap is about to start with 5 regionals followed by 9 DCMPs! Stop by for a chance to win a giveaway from AndyMark also! https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow


FRC Round Up with Marco, drive coach from 3005 is about to start at https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow


https://youtu.be/gizXoQnjPIY is now on YouTube!
Guest: Marco FRC 3005 drive coach and FiT DCMP Champions

0:00 Intro
2:36 Future of Drivetrains
10:17 RoboChargers for All
15:40 https://Kettering.edu/first
17:13 DCMP Inside Scoop



https://youtu.be/z3tVz8g87j8 FRC Recap for Week 6 features 9 District Championships and 5 Regionals. We break down each event and also sub-divisions for DCMPs with correspondents from around the FRC world (timecodes/chapters on the video)



https://youtu.be/WWWi4CSQI7U Check out the Week 6 Clips of the Week for the Charged Up FRC 2023 game as submitted by the FUN community!

Submit clips of the week to FirstUpdatesNow



https://youtu.be/-fTIrpVLqkQ Congrats to FRC 254 for being voted 1 in the Final FRC Top 25 for Charged Up. Get the full rundown including discussion of the championship changes and snubs now on YouTube.

We will have a championship division preview and predictions show on Saturday 7pm eastern at https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow and also a championship recap show the Tuesday after champs. We will also have final submissions for clips of the week close the Tuesday after champs.


Top 100 Tabulated below:


All FRC Top 25 final teams will be presented with a recognition sticker at championships. We’ll try to stop by all teams pit areas on Wed and Thursday and would be delighted to have you display this award on your robot (but we completely understand if you choose not to).

Two teams voted (133 & 4678) to the FRC Top 25 will not be attending championships and we will attempt to ship these stickers out to you.


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