All Rev Ultraplanetary Parts Needed

Can someone who is experienced with the Ultraplanetary ecosystem post a list of part numbers necessary to build a complete gearbox with Neo 550, 2x 5:1 stages, a 3:1 stage, and a 1/2" hex output? I don’t trust myself to try and interpret the resources that Rev has on the website.

This aspect of the UI design is one way that I have preferred the Vex ordering experience.

Buy one of each of the following :

The Ultraplanetary gearbox kit will include the hardware, motor face plate and output plate needed to assemble a 3 stage stack. Last time I check this was cheaper than buying everything separate.

How ever I warn you about your requested reduction is past the load rating for the Ultraplanetary and might damage the gearbox.


Thanks for the list and the notice about torque ratings! We’ll go with the highest reduction that the gearbox is rated for and deal with anything further outside the gearbox.

Another option is the MAX Planetary, which has much higher torque ratings

Solid plan. I also echo the MAXPlanetary suggestion though; doing that gives you a much larger cushion against Weird Stuff happening at a mild weight and size penalty. And it lets you run a big NEO if desired for extra oomph.

We much prefer UltraPlanetary gearboxes in high-speed mechanisms, like intakes and conveyors. We’ve been very happy with them in 2021 and 2022.

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