All-Rookie Event at Nationals...Spread the word

Fellow rookie teams,
You’ve just GOT TO COME to this all-rookie get-together (Thursday at 11:30) so we can all meet

Team 1511 “Rolling Thunder” from Penfield High School and Harris Corporation invite ALL ROOKIE TEAMS to an all-rookie get-together on Thursday 4/21 in Atlanta at the FIRST Nationals.

Click here for our flyer on this all-rookie event:

Place & Time: At 11:30, all rookie teams are invited to gather outside the Georgia Dome on the NORTH side on the “Gold Deck” located between the World Congress Center and the dome. Be on time, as this event is being held just before the chiefdelphi “Group Hug” at 12:00 at the same place.

What is this all about? :slight_smile:
– A great way to meet & greet other rookie teams and share the spirit
–We have special packets of info to give out to each rookie team
– Free prizes, buttons, give-aways; also bring your own team’s items to share if you want
– Get a free “All Rookies, All FIRST” sticker to proudly wear
– SOMETHING SPECIAL: Help “support the troops” by bringing a paperback book and $1 for shipping. We will collect paperback books and have them shipped off to the US troops overseas. Bring a gently-used mystery, science fiction, thriller, or action/adventure paperback. No “romance novels” please. As teams for FIRST, we can make a huge contribution to this national program called

If you can’t make the event, we’ll also have a book drop box in pit #1511 as well as the “All rookie…All FIRST” stickers; stop by and share the fun of your 1st FIRST National.

ps: We’re also compiling a database of all-rookie info. If you have a TEAM E-MAIL address, just send me a private message or e-mail and I’ll add it to the list. We’ll hand-out this master list to all rookie team in Atlanta.

Additional details have been uploaded to the “white papers” section. You can forward the PDF file to all the members of your rookie team. Visit:

Alright Rookie Class of 2005!!!

This is going to be so much fun :slight_smile:

And by the way, to all of the veteran teams, if you would like to donate to the “book and a buck” you are welcome to also! We will have a box in our pits.

See you guys there!

This is gonna be so much fun.
I’ve got some books im willing to donate.

Great idea! The rookies are always so inspiring to me! Since I’m not a rookie, but I AM a NEM, I hope the rookie team NEMs attend the NEMO meet and greet at 10am in the same location so I get to meet you all!

I’m in. I need to make a list of things to do while in Atlanta, this will probably be my first stop. You may want Brandon Martus to make a Text Message reminder for this event as well. Great Idea, look forward to meeting other rookie teams.

This is a great idea. Kudos to Team 1511 for taking the initiative to organize what will be a great event.

Teams 1503 and 1680 will definitely be stopping by.

Or they could just have the 1 hour reminder and 45 minute reminder for the web hug remind them in time for the rookie get-together.

Rookies, this is a great idea - meet other people who share your same experiences, concerns, etc.! NETWORK! And today’s the last day to sign up for the Conference workshops - another great resource for rookie teams - every rookie team should be attending the workshops to learn more about FIRST topics.

Just wanted to give everyone a reminder to bring your books and bucks next week for the troops!! Just a simple paper back book, wont take up any room in your suitcases or on your buses… then drop it off at the rookie meet and greet, or swing by our pits!! (or if you forget, swing by the bookstore in the airport, or buy one in Atlanta!!)

See you all in… yikes, 3 days!!!

Y’all (men & women, boys & girls)

are just gonna LOVE the “rookie-only” all-star stickers we’re going to hand-out on the mall between the Dome and the World Congress center at 11:30 on Thursday.

If you’re a rookie team looking to do something great, be there

Bring a paperback book & a buck for the “operationPaperback” collection for the troops

Get a huge rookie-only photo taken (weather permitting)

There will be a “quiz” and freebies for the correct answers to some rookie-only trivia questions.


So, as rookies, let’s show them who’s really FIRST…

I’m going to send this to the rest of my team…
And make it required…

This is great,

Rookie Teams,
Please remember to bring “a book and a buck” to the all-rookie meet & greet outside the Georgia Dome at 11:30 on Thursday.

As you know from this thread and this attachment (, we’re collecting good, used paperback books to ship to the troops overseas (no romance novels, no hardcover books please). This is in support of a national organization called

By the way, does any Atlanta-based team have a large truck that would be willing to donate their time Thursday afternoon to help move the books to the UPS Store on Courtland St (about 10 blocks from the dome)? I’m contacting the rookie team 1648 from Atlanta, but they may not have a truck. Please e-mail me if you can graciously donate your time and truck for an hour Thursday afternoon.

Just an update about the book collection at TOMORROW’s all-rookie get-together

We’ve gotten recognized by the national organization that sends used paperback books to the troops overseas. They’re excited about how many books the teams of FIRST can collect. This is a great way for all teams to get invloved in the off-season too. See our “spot” at:

So, be sure to bring a used paperback book (mysteries, history, etc no “romance novels”) and $1 to cover all the shipping to the

Thursday at 11:30
on the Mall between the Dome and Congress Center

Look for the “ROOKIES ROCK AT FIRST” banner. It should be haning from the porch on the 2nd floor of the Congress Center.

See y’all tomorrow