All Segway owners/users going to Atlanta. Please look here.

I have in place an opportunity for a new Who Am I picture based on a special surprise I will be bringing to Atlanta.

If I could get all the people or a bunch at least (5 or more) who own Segways to bring theirs to the webhug for a photo opportunity after the CD webhug on Thursday I would appreciate it.

If you will have a Segway in Atlanta, and want to be in a group pic, please let me know.

I would also need to just stand on one person’s Segway for one of the couple of photo’s.
I’ve been on them before for a considerable amount of time, I just don’t have one yet myself (in case you were apprehensive about a non-Segway user using it for a minute or 2.)

I also need people without Segways to take some pics.

Let me know here if you are cool with this and you have a Segway for this pic to take place…
Thanks everyone!!

If all goes according to plan, I should have mine in Atlanta.