all teams good luck at

Midwest Regional, BAE, New Jersey Regional, Oregon Regional, New Jersey Regional, and St. Louis Regional.

See you in Florida, Colorado, and Atlanta.

Wooo!!! NJ is special. They got mentioned twice. Good deal… Glad I’m going to be there this weekend. lol

Good luck in this first weekend of competition everyone!

Maybe they need twice the luck? :slight_smile:

(Ducks and covers, and dons flameproof BVD’s.)

yep good luck and just an early good luck to those attending the Minnesota Regional(My team, 2207 will be there)

Good luck to everyone. Especially the rookies at the minnesota regional. :slight_smile:


Good luck to everyone attending the St. Louis Regional

Good luck everyone. For some reason Im more exited this year to see Week 1 match videos then I was last year. Go figure

Good luck to everyone at every regional. I wish you all well. :slight_smile:

Another wish to everyone going to regionals this weekend! Hope your bot does well, that you have fun and that you learn somethings to pass on as we continue the journey!