all teams in Hartford please READ.

Posted by nick237 at 02/25/2001 8:19 PM EST

Engineer on team #237, sie h2o bots, from Watertown high school ct and sieman co.

Please remember to donate any and all the stuff you know you wont be needing to the HERO booth “Helping Every Robot Organisation” What you donate might save an alliance on your side, and what they might donate may save YOU.
It worked great last year, You who were there and needed an extra part knows how we came through, no questions asked. We are also bringing our " Bot Mobile " with all the tools needed by anyone. The " Bot Mobile " has a lathe, Miller, drill press, grinder and a wide assortment of hand tools. If you need help look for the " Bot Mobile " in the parking lot.
The HERO Booth should be inside somewhere, If you have a donation to make send it over some time on Thursday morning, Your name will be added to the HERO list on display.

Just a quick reminder… Its sad but true that not all who attend the regionals are dedicated to the philosiphy of FIRST. there are thieves out there…
Last year we had $1000.00 worth of tools stolen and we know of teams that had cameras, lap tops and other equipment taken by scum bags… SO KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.
TEAM 237 hopes to do something about it this year so this wont happen again. If your team is going to another regional and would like to know more about how your team can help protect FIRST from scum bags post the regional your going to and an Email address for more information… The first team only from each regional to call will be notified… Sportsmanship has a great award?.