All Teams in Kansas City Area: Need parts

Team 5013 is looking for any teams that are willing to let us borrow a 48 tooth sprocket we could borrow for our practice robot. We are willing to drive anywhere in the area to pick it up. Please respond or PM me if you have one and are willing to let us use it. Thank you.

It would help if you included the chain pitch, and bore type. If you need something with a round bore, you can probably get it from McMaster by Wednesday.

Chain pitch is 35, on a VEXpro or AndyMark hub. Our other sprockets are VEXpro #35 48t plate sprockets

If you have a mill, you can make a McMaster plate sprocket connect up with Vex and Andymark hubs pretty easily. Though, looking at Mcmaster the closest thing they have in a plate sprocket is 45 teeth.

We unfortunately do not have the time to make a new one or order one. Would there be any alternatives to this?