All the CHARGED UP resources

By now, I think it’s called a tradition. Lots folks make great game-specific content, and I like to keep one resource where we can share it all.

This post is a wiki, so please feel free to edit directly. Attentively, message me resources, tag me in threads, or otherwise let me know. If you do edit directly, please try to follow the format.

I would like to include any game-specific resources (not evergreen/game-agnostic resources) that are created by the community. If any resources are added to the FIRST webpage super late, I’ll include them for visibility. Otherwise folks can get that content directly from the game and season page.

Game Tests/Quizzes

Author (username, name, or team) Title/Brief Description Format (Link) Thread
@jaredhk Game Test Google Forms Thread
1678 Rules Test Request access via Google Form Thread
@Karaoke Drivers’ Test Quizlet Quizlet Study Set
@arevan Driver’s Test PDF (test); PDF (answer key) (Google Drive) Thread

Scoring Calculators

Author (username, name, or team) Title/Brief Description Format (Link) Thread
@jaredhk Scoring Calculator Google Sheets Thread

Cheat sheets, printable, strategy, etc.

Author (username, name, or team) Title/Brief Description Format (Link) Thread
Stratasys 3D Printed Field GrabCAD Library Thread
Onshape Field CAD Onshape (lightweight); Onshape (full) Thread
Team Rembrandts Cheatsheet Images/PDF (Google Drive) Thread
mnfahey Penalties Spreadsheet Google Sheets Thread
@miklast Top Down Field Renders Google Drive Thread
Cyborg Cats Game Manual as slides Google Slides Thread
@bEdhEd Strategy Board JPG Thread
GA Tool Team Cheat Sheet PDF Thread
@TheManWhoSoldHisSoul Strategy Guide Google Doc Thread
@petercooperjr Quick Reference PDF Thread
@_AD Printable Strategy Board 11×17 PDF; 8.5×11 PDF; Additional Files Thread
@_AD Top-down Field Images Full PNG; Cropped PNG; Additional Images Thread


Author (username, name, or team) Title/Brief Description Format (Link) Thread
Various teams Open Alliance Build Blogs CD threads; OA website Thread
REV CNC Router version of field elements SOLIDWORKS files (zip) Thread
@KamdenB 3D Printed Cube Jig Onshape Thread

Robot In Three Days

Author (username, name, or team) Title/Brief Description Format (Link) Thread
First Updates Now Robot in 3 Days Redux YouTube; Twitch Thread
University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Ri3D YouTube; Twitch Thread
The Bulldogs Kettering University Ri3D YouTube Onshape Thread
Cranberry Alarm Cranberry Alarm Ri3D YouTube; Instagram Thread
First Alumni and Mentors Network at Michigan FAMNM Robot in 3 Days YouTube; Twitch
Team Ri3D 1.0 Robot in 3 Days YouTube Thread
ZouKeepers University of Missouri Ri3D YouTube Thread
PRi3D of the North University of North Dakota Ri3D YouTube
Bison Robotics North Dakota State University Ri3D YouTube Thread
FIRST at Michigan State Michigan State University Ri3D Thread
Big Sky Robotics Big Sky Robotics Ri3D YouTube - Day 2 Thread

Thanks! I will post resources once I get any.

adding Ri3D teams to this sheet might be useful.

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I added the FUN Ri3D stream. If you have others you want listed, feel free to edit the wiki or send to me

We are running an RI3D stream on Twitch and will be posting update videos on Youtube daily. here are the links:

Added this, and an Ri3D section so it’s easier to sort

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I added a couple to the Ri3D section. Thanks for this great resource sheet!

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Are there CAD models of the game pieces available somewhere?


They’re available all on the first download page

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For anyone searching for them: go to the field models and download the “CAD models (STEP)” file. (They may also be in the Solidworks download, I did not check.)

2023 FIRST Game Manual copied into PPT Slides to help for Strategy & Design.
Our team always pulls together this PPT to help with Strategy and Design discussions.


@jaredhk this would be super useful to add into the main resources section

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I added 4 more Ri3D teams I’m aware of.

Is there a CAD model of the cube jig posted anywhere?

I think this is what you were referring to:

I see the CAD for the game pieces, but not the cube jig that measures the accuracy of the cube’s size.

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NDSU is also doing an Ri3D. Here’s the link to the playlist. They are posting small helpful update videos as well as streaming the whole 72 hours and answering questions in chat!

I created a Quizlet study set for our team’s drive test, it has a lot of stuff from the manual that would be useful to know as a student on the drive team (Gameplay, arena, LEDs, point values, vocabulary, game rules, etc.) Would that be helpful to include here as well?

Hi there, could I get our RI3D team added to the list? We are Big Sky Robotics at Montana State University, and this is our first year. Here’s a link to our YouTube livestream: Big Sky Robotics Ri3D Build Day 2 - YouTube