All the fouls in one spreadsheet

Hey Fellow Robot addicts,
I have compiled all of the fouls from the game manual into one spreadsheet linked below. It is a work in progress, but all the fouls from S1 to H16 are currently in. The colours for each foul are not perfect (You’ll see when you look at the colour I chose for fouls) but I’m willing to modify to make things clearer to understand. You will be able to leave comments with the link, so please let me know what you think should be changed, and I will make it so as soon a possible. I’ll try to keep this update through the season, but I’m human so give me a few hours after an update to tidy it up.
Without any further ado, the sheet


Helpful and color coded! Thanks!

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You’re a guy my friend

You’re awesome!

This has truly been a wonderful resource. Thank you so much!

Great table, but I’d like to suggest different colors. About 20 years ago, I was in a discussion with a wide variety of people of different backgrounds and opinions about using colors to depict strategic viability of different techniques/strategies. We couldn’t agree on everything, of course, but we did reach consensus on four points:

  • Green is Good
  • Yellow is Poor
  • Red is Bad
  • Black is Worst

Whenever I have seen or designed color scales on this simple scale, even in the presence of a bunch of intermediate colors, people seem to get it.


This is the one ref’s had for week one:

I think this is going to be very handy to many teams now that we’ve seen how many yellow cards and tech fouls are being thrown out. It’s just insane how many alliances are getting totally crushed because of simple mess ups that cost them tech fouls.

Any chance of getting a real copy of that? Does First typically publish the Ref’s summary rule sheet? Could they?

A lot of them are custom created by Head Referees I believe. I’ve seen numerous different variations from event to event in the past. Heck, I’ve even seen referees create their own and put it on a wrist thing similar to what Quarterbacks use in football to keep their playcalls.