All the FRC Teams That Ever Were

Here’s one of those side projects that occasionally crop up when I should be doing spring cleaning around the house.

I extracted as complete a list as I could from our various spreadsheets and databases of all the FRC teams that have existed.

The list still needs vetting so I imagine it’ll change a bit, especially if some of you old veterans feed comments back to me. I don’t expect I’ll hear much, especially in the off-season, but every insight is appreciated.

This spreadsheet has three tabs:

  • Unnumbered Teams are those early teams who couldn’t be associated with a later numbered team
  • Numbered teams are just everybody from 1998 on
  • All FRC Teams Ever is a combined list
    The combined list has an additional column where I need the most help.
    It relates current teams with other numbers they have had in the past, teams they have split off from/to, or combined with, what have you.

Raw numbers are 2623 teams, but 50 to 100 of these might be essentially multiple numbers that represent a single team.

One omission I noticed: 803 out of South Carolina. (But man, I didn’t realize how many teams used to exist around here!)

Also, some notes on the all-ever sheet: 91 (who I’d never heard of) would eventually lead to 507 (Carolina Academy) and 281 (JL Mann). 392 (Clover HS) would eventually field 1539.

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862 used to be 465 before the 2002 season.

Team 279 is now officially out of Toledo, Ohio and I think its Dana Holding Corporation now. excellent work though =)

This is an in depth chart! Good job :cool: ! However, one flaw I noticed is that you list as 1351 Archbishop Mitty High School and Gunn High School. It is just Mitty and Meadows Manufacturing.

I’m 90% sure that 330, Hope Chapel Academy, was also on 164, at least for the 1997 season. Also, the team designated as A1 would probably be 164 in that year. (Not sure if that was their number, though… I’ll let one of the people that was actually on the team around that time answer that one. Unless 164 was formed the same year as 82/330 from the other teams that had been on that alliance of schools…)

226 is Troy High School AND Troy Athens High School.

Awesome list!

Just one thing, Team 340 is sponsored by Bausch & Lomb Incorporated. Nortel Networks is a little outdated.

Team 2374 is only sponsored by Jesuit High School now,

School policy :frowning:

Team 166 is no longer sponsored by Texas Instruments/RS Machines and is now (and has been) sponsored by BAE Systems.

I believe the Thunderchickens, 217, are out of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

One thing I actually noticed was the 1455 and 487 were the past numbers of the team that combined to make team 423… I’m not sure how the “past team numbers” column in this actually works, but just in case those 2 teams don’t actually exist anymore since they combined into 1 team a few years back

Team 488 was founded at Redmond High School and sponsored by Microsoft, but after the first year the team moved (with their number) to Franklin High in Seattle, where it is still registered. Exothermic Robotics is now the resident robot team for Redmond High, but competes in VRC and FTC instead of FRC. The Microsoft sponsorship moved to Franklin, and is no longer available to Redmond High (we asked).

The team numbers are the teams that are related to a given team. So if 1455 and 487 are listed next to 423, it means that they are somehow related. Either they’re “parent” teams, or they’re “child” teams. See 64/39. (Also, for Mark, 1013 spun off of 64 at the same time 39 did, and 64 no longer exists as one team.)

This sheet is all the teams that have ever existed in FRC, regardless of current status, so any combined teams or split teams will be listed as individual teams and together.

Nice list! Our NUWC sponsor (lead mentor) is now with 2348, another Hawaii team.

Thanks Mark!

Hmm either I phrased that weird or I didn’t understand your post properly
I meant that 1455 and 487 are past team numbers of 423, but are not listed as such. I meant that I wasn’t sure if they would be lisited as past numbers since the 2 teams combined to make 423.

Think it was the phrasing… Mark, I’m looking forward to revision 1.

22 and 4 have the same situation, and are linked in the sheet.

1 minor change… 38 was from woodbury ct =D

and 2836 was team 38… just 2 years removed…

Thank you for sharing this, I think it is really interesting to read through.

A thought on:

I think that the column on linked teams is what many will be most interested to see and I think that differentiating between teams “split into” or “old team” would be a great place to start. It may cause a lot of confusion to do otherwise (I do realize this is a work in progress, just sharing my thoughts). For example, I wouldn’t say that team 4 was ever team 22’s past team number. As Eric pointed out 22 is the “parent” and a way to distinguish parent-child / former team # would be a great revision.

Something else I would like to suggest is a way to make it so you know which team numbers were reassigned. i.e. Team 4 was assigned the number in 2006, and something some people aware of this might want to know is whether or not there was a team with that number before(Sorry for using team 4 as a constant example but its the only one I’m completely knowledgeable about)?

Mark, I love this type of information that you put together, it has influenced me to do a lot of different things in the past few months. Thank you.