All the FRC Teams That Ever Were

What’s the story on the Beachbots, 330?
I heard they started in the late 90’s but the no. is “higher” than it should be, if…team #s became permanents in 1998 or 1999.
If the Poofs started in 1999 as 254 (252), how did the BeachBots start before, if their no. is higher and the nos. already became permanent?

Joe gave a timeline in post 25.
Why did FIRST made them change their team number from 82 to 330 in 1999?

Sponsor change caused the switch from 82 to 330.

Now that makes sense.
Its just that when I read nos. became permanent in 1998, it got confusing.
It actually should be the 1999 season then, and maybe the decision to do this was in 1998, at the beginning of the school year?

Actually, it’s even better… Numbers were originally assigned by primary sponsor. So when a primary sponsor changed names, the team changed numbers. Annoying… But the team name didn’t change, so we were still recognizable. Afterwards, it changed to registration order, if you were a rookie.

The 82/330 number change came right before the '99 season. 82 competed in Ladder Logic, the last of the pre-alliance games. 330 has competed in every game since.

You have Team 144 listed as “Cincinnati, OH; Procter & Gamble Company & Northwest High School Career Center”

In 1994, they were in Cincinnati, OH, with Walnut Hills HS. Later (not sure when, but not in 1995) they moved to Colerain Township, OH and Northwest High School. has a list of teams, as does; it would be great if, once completed, your data could be used to update both of those sites.

team 1918 isn’t just Fremont MI. anymore its all of Newaygo county

Team 75 was originally Team 56 in 1996 and Team 105 in 1997 before becoming Team 75 in 1998. They are located in Hillsborough, NJ.

We got our present day permanent team numbers for the 1998 season, so they began assigning them during registration in the Fall of 1997.

Currently, 68 is officially Oakland County Schools, and we only have students from 2 schools, Holly and Brandon. (10 from Holly, 2 from Brandon)

looks right now like we are going to be moving to Brandon High next year because our building is being shut down by the end of June… :frowning:

team 451 is not Northview anymore, its Dana Corporation & Sylvania City Schools (not sure if it is just Dana or Dana Holding however, we moved from the same location as 279)

They switched schools from Walnut Hills to Northwest in 1998
But they didn’t change their declared location from Cincinnati to Colerain Township until 2002 (sponsor location?)

Team 482 took over at Walnut Hills HS but only for 2000.

I’m a little torn. I started adding those numbers but it may just confuse things, since they all need an explaination to make sense. Your extra number number, for instance, was only for a month during registration shakeout.
I have another couple in there that registered, but dropped out before the competitions, so never played.

I was thinking of removing those “never played” numbers from this list.
I do have them preserved elsewhere. It’s more something that should be added to a footnotes column.

What do you think?

Actually 91 (which is no longer in existence) gets credit for parenting many teams in SC. 281 was created from 91 when more schools were added to the mix. Later as things grew bigger for 281, groups of other schools and mentors decided it was time to start there own teams. A mentor on 281 broke off and started 343, other mentors broke off and started 415 (also no longer in existence). Later one of the founding mentors of 91 along with some of the mentors that were on 281 started 507 (also no longer in existence) which was one of the original schools involved with 91. Then some of the mentors on 507 started team 1319. Then 1319 started team 2751. So long story short team 91 takes the credit for bringing FIRST to the upstate of SC.

Team 162 should be removed and placed as a past team number for team 308.

Also, 162 is from Farmington Hills, MI - I don’t think I’ve even heard of Berrien Springs, MI. Anyway, since 308 and 162 is the same team, it makes sense that they’re both from Farmington Hills. The reason for the team number change is because TRW changed their sponsorship from Farmington Hills Harrison High School to Walled Lake Schools and back then FIRST required a new team number due to the school change.

Also, 139 should be a past team number from the 1997 season. Here is the chronology:

1997: 139
1998: 162
1999 - present: 308

I don’t follow what you mean.

This is cool! thanks for making it…but our team (247) is sponsored by Ford Motor Company / Comau, Inc. / Azure Dynamics / Terminal Supply / Production Tool Supply / Durst Lumber / Ringside Creative & Berkley High School

we are also out of Berkley MI, not southfield.,_Michigan :slight_smile:
This is all history. That location was where the team was first “incorporated” if you will. At least that’s what FIRST recorded. Looking through the records I sometimes suspect the original sponsor, teacher or administrator entered their personal home town. That’s the case for at least one early Long Island team.

I added your team chronology.
I’m not removing teams though. This is a list of all team numbers that ever existed with their original incorporation information.

I have a different spreadsheet that tracks town, school, sponsor changes year-by-year:

Well then, that makes absolutely no sense as to why it was incorporated in Berrien Springs. Farmington Hills is a suburb of Detroit - about 170 miles from Berrien Springs.

As one of the founding mentors of 139/162/308, I don’t even know of anyone on the team that had any association to that area. TRW back then was headquartered in Cleveland, the sponsoring division of TRW was in Farmington Hills, and the school was in Farmington Hills. The person that registered the team with FIRST was originally from Calumet, MI, which is probably 350 miles from Berrien Springs. I really have no idea how that could have been registered with FIRST that way.

Bizarre that one. I’ll change it to the correct town,

Here’s the original record

Team Number:162
Team Name:TRW & Harrison HS
Location:Berrien Springs, MI, US
Rookie Year:1997
Awards Won:1997N1Rookie All-Star Award1997ILRookie All-Star Award1997ILSpecial Judge’s Award
Events Attended:1998MI1998N11997N11997IL
Willing to Mentor:No
Willing to be mentee:No