All the INFINITE RECHARGE resources

All the INFINITE RECHARGE resources

There are lots of great game specific resources out there! I’ve started this list to compile them all. It will grow over the coming days and weeks. Be sure to check back frequently and feel free to add your own (instructions at the end of the post).

Game tests

Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
Jared H-K’s Game Test Google Forms Thread
3309 Game Test Google Form/Make a Copy Thread
1678 Game Test Google Forms Thread
4470 Rules Test Google Forms Thread
Arevan Driver’s Test PDF - Google Drive; PDF - CD; DOCX Thread
Arevan G10/G11 Worksheet Quiz PDF, Answer Key Thread
MooreteP’s Game Manual Test Google Doc Thread

Scoring calculators

Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
Jared H-K’s Scoring Calculator Google Sheets Thread
Jared H-K’s Scoring Calculator Excel Thread
Kaitlynmm569’s match score calculator Google Sheets Thread
Fields Simple scoring calculator Google Sheets Thread
BrianatBrooklyn scoring calculator Google Sheets Thread
dylantompkins Game Simulation Sheet Google Sheets Thread
BHolmie9’s District Points Calculator Google Sheets Thread

Cheat sheets, printables, strategy, etc.

Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
gideonrab Switch Balancing math GeoGebra file Thread
Teaspoon007 Graphical score breakdown PNG Thread
thereidfleish 4K Entire Field Renders Angled (PNG) ; Side Angle (PNG) ; Top (PNG) Thread
miklast Top-down Orthographic field view Photo folder Thread
bandinnite Game Manual Read Aloud Spotify, Apple Podcasts Thread
juanive visual score sheet PNG Thread
Team 4505 condensed game manual Google Doc Thread
Sam Fuchs switch balance simulator Web page Thread
cmarley 2020 trajectory calculator Desmos Thread
sgeckler Infinite Recharge Ballistics with Drag Google Sheets Thread
Carter Herman Decision Matrix Excel (v1) Thread
Eiim’s Generator scoring Cheatsheet PNG, SVG Thread
Cheat Sheet from GA Tool PDF, PNG (v 1/8/20) Thread
BordomBeThyName Trajectory Calculator Excel 2016 or later Thread
typeusernamehere’s Penalty Cheat Sheet Excel Thread
Peter Cooper’s One-Page Cheatsheet PDF; LibreOffice ODT Thread
221 Sarahborg match strategy sheet PDF (rev 2); AI upon request Thread
AD’s 2020 Strategy Board PDF Thread


Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
Jared H-K’s STIMS Guide Google Doc Thread
Field building components Excel Thread
#openalliance build blogs Various links (see thread) Thread
Spectrum 3847 Resource Collection for 2020 Various links (see thread) Thread
E.patane515 Field Cut List Google Sheet Thread
E.patane515 Field SketchUp Model SKP Thread
nicfouts Field Team Cut List - Optimized layout PDF Thread
juliasdad Wood Field Building Worksheet Word doc folder Thread
techplex Onshape Field CAD Full Field Onshape (more on thread) Thread
Bilfred Stripped-down Onshape Field CAD Full Field Onshape; Half Field Onshape Thread
Big_Kid/Cyberphill printable Control Panel PDF; AI; EPS Thread
Vlog compilations from Spectrum List of YouTube Channels; Add Thread
Automated Bill of Materials / CAW Excel Thread
2020 Part List Excel Thread
Contributing Instructions


If you have any INFINITE RECHARGE resources which other teams could benefit from, please consider adding them to this list. Doing so is easy! This post is a Wiki which means you can edit it, just like you would edit your own post. Please do not delete anything anyone else has posted. The edit history is public so I (and moderators) will be able to see if any users are messing with the list.

Once you edit, you’ll just need to add row(s) to the appropriate table(s). You can find a template for how to add a list below this text once in editing mode.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to add content, you can just reply to this thread and I’ll add it in for you.

All the DEEP SPACE resources, All the POWERUP resources


Bumping this in case you missed all the new content added since first posted! There are several scoring calculators, game tests, strategy worksheets, and more. Thanks everyone for providing such great content for teams!

Don’t forget to continue to add content here for all to see.

Go teams!


Oh look @Kaitlynmm569 your post is there!

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Tried to add a line to the cheat sheets, but I got a “you must add a category” error, and I can’t add a category. Here’s the thread:
Infinite Recharge Cheat Sheet (from Game Announcer tool) which contains a PDF to download.

Weird, never seen that error. I’ll go ahead and add it right now.


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