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Lots of calculators and game tests have been popping up on Chief. I have put together a database of the ones I could easily find. Please take a look and feel free to add your own content. If you want me to add stuff, you can link to it in this thread or add it yourself.**](

**I want to keep the edit access open so please be respectful of it. I don’t want to restrict access but will if I need to.

We now have:

Game Tests



Please continue to add content here. Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to do this, it is very much appreciated


We are a rookie team from Minnesota.

Here is a link for our game rules quiz

I found that your link is when I went to reply.

I see this is your first post so just so you know, in order to get your URL to appear, you need to include text between the *URL] and */URL] tags for it to appear:

*URL=“”]/*URL]Here is a link for our game rules quiz

instead of:

Here is a link for our game rules quiz*URL=“”]/*URL]

(remove the asterisks * to get it to work).

[STRIKE]I’ll add the link in just a sec.[/STRIKE]
EDIT: I see that you added it already

Updated to include this game testfrom Kshitij Wavre (2052 alum).

Updated to include this test for drive team.

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