All the RAPID REACT resources

As we’ve learned over the years, the next week (and really the entire season) will be filled with lots of helpful people creating resources to help teams with the new FRC game. This post aims at tracking those resources.

It is a wiki, so please feel free to edit as appropriate – just keep the formatting. If you’d prefer, share resources on this thread and I’ll go ahead and add them.

Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
Jared’s Game Test Google Forms Thread

Game Tests

Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
Jared H-K’s Game Test Google Forms Thread
1678 Game Test Google Forms Thread
Shivshah Driver Test Google Forms Thread
Arevan Game Test PDF - Google Drive; PDF - Download; DOCX - Download Thread

Scoring Calculators

Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
Jared H-K’s Scoring Calculator Google Sheets Thread
Is the traverse rung worth it? Calculator XLSX Thread
1736 Shot Simulator GitHub
Allowable Error in Shots GitHub Thread

Cheat sheets, printables, strategy, etc.

Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
openalliance build blogs Various threads
MikLast’s Top-Down Field Renders PNG / Google Drive Thread
Team Rembrandts Cheat Sheet/Strategy Map PNG / Google Drive Thread
Robodox Strategy Maps JPG & PDF / Google Drive Thread
GA Tool Cheat Sheet PDF Thread
cadandcookies scoring strategy spreadsheet Google Sheets Thread
Maddy Fahey penalty reference Google Sheets Thread
Peter Cooper’s Rapid React Cheatsheet PDF
_AD Strategy Board 11x17 PDF; 8.5x11 PDF; Additional views Thread


Author/Title Format (Link) Thread (Link)
Cyborg Cats rules as a presentation Google Slides Thread
GeeTwo’s 2022 robot/inspection rule changes Thread
4926 Ballistics Update XLSX Thread
JCharlton Simplified Field CAD OnShape Thread
Wood field accurate dimension Hangar CAD GrabCAD Thread
stefenacepcion 2022 Control Systems diagram PDF / GitHub Thread
Automation Direct 3D Printed Field* STL files / graphics / floor mat Thread

*For visibility, including this resource even though it’ll likely be listed officially on the FIRST site since it wasn’t released at time of Kickoff.


currently sends me to the 2020 sheet.

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Thanks. Should be resolved within 5 minutes. This should be fixed.

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2022 FIRST Game Manual copied into PPT Slides to help for Strategy & Design.
Our team always pulls together this PPT to help with Strategy and Design discussions.

2022 FIRST FRC Game Overview_Cyborg-Cats_Jan-8-2022.pptx


Quick update:

I’ve up to date with all the resources I’ve seen as of the time of posting.

Also a note on what I'm including and excluding

I also want to note that I’ve chosen to include items which directly aid in development of one’s own strategy (e.g. worksheets or maps) while excluding specific strategies and their related documents (e.g. build blogs, strategic analysis writeups, etc.). This is mainly because there are just so many build blogs, Ri3D, and the like out there that I think it would clog this thread a bit too much. If you’re looking for that content, try clicking the #openalliance tag.

I’ve also chosen not to include anything officially published by FIRST (game manual, field drawings, etc.) or officially released by partners on the FIRST website (field CAD from suppliers, VR experience, etc.). This can all be found readily, and again just don’t want to clog the page.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who makes these resources for teams! Keep them coming and let me know if I missed anything or you see new stuff pop up. History says that we’ll see far more game tests than any one person needs (though cyborgs like @EricH would probably want to take one test per day till Einstein) and I’m sure there will be lots more unique tools out over the next week or so!


Any idea where to find for the “wooden” field design? Can’t seem to find it…

In the “Individual Assemblies” section of the “FIRST Official CAD Models” header. The zip files include drawings, instructions, etc. for the wooden versions. The complex versions are better matches for the real field, while the simple versions are easier to build. Assembly 1 is the center goal/HUB, assembly 2 is the human player station/CHUTE, assembly 3 is the hanging structure/RUNGs.

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There is a new, Rapid React specific, Ballistics model spreadsheet in the 4926 Build Blog. FYI.

If you provide a link to the thread and/or tool, I can link it. Or since it’s a wiki, feel free to add it yourself

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Thanks for this. Interested in the shot simulator. What do I need to run the simulator on a PC. I have downloaded the files and Github for desktop, signed up for Github, but still don’t seem to have whatever app the code runs in. I am not a software type, in case that wasn’t obvious…

Pinging @ashray.g who added that resource since there’s no thread to reference. I do note that there are only docs for Linux and Mac installation, though, so not sure if Windows is supported.


Seems you just need to install octave then run it with the command on the README (octave --persist calc.m).

Just a note on the two sims: (1736’s and 6036’s)

These two tools seem to play real nice off of each other: Props to the devs, I am impressed at how smooth this all is.

All told maybe 5 minutes:

  • easy to clone both from github to my machine (Ubuntu LTS 20.04.3) - trivial
  • octave ran 1736’s from the directory I saved it to no problem - trivial
  • I spooled up a conda environment for 6036’s python based tool and ran the script, although this is probably unnecessary as a regular scratch env. with numpy, scipy, and matplotlib is probably on a lot of machines - trivial

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