All time favorite super-power

I was watching Spiderman 2 this week and this got me thinking. If you could have one superpower that any superhero has, what would it be and why? I did a search and I couldn’t find anything relating to this so let the debate begin. I’ll post mine after a few posts.

Telekinesis. The ability to move objects with your mind without flexing a muscle is waaaay cool!

I would love the power to read peoples minds. Also have the ability to turn that on and off.

The whole flight thing, personally. I’d never be late for class again!

The USA.

Oh…THOSE superpowers…

I’d have to agree with Ed and go with telekinesis.


I’ve always thought flying was by far the coolest. But as with any super power you have to consider the side effects. Telekinesis for instance could be used to fly not only yourself, but all your buddy’s too! So today I have decided on a new super power. Just think of all the friends you’d make. Also the savings on getting your whole team to Nationals! This is assuming you had the deluxe extra strength ninja telekinesis and not just the spoon bending kind.

I like Magneto’s power, being able to control magnetic fields. Virtually anything will react to a strong enough magnetic field.

The ability to fly was my first thought, but then I started thinking about the X-Men characters and decided on Metamorph like this character , who can apparently even take on the powers of what she mimics, so to some degree, she gets it all!


You don’t know how much I’d like to teleport. I could go lots of places and no longer waste my time driving and walking and such.

Imagine a robot with a feature like that?

im gonna have to go with incredible healing powers, like wolverine, and while we are at it, throw in the claws

i was thinking i would like batmans superpowers… but i tried as hard as i could last night to figure out just what those are…

Batman is just a normal guy with tools and desire. Never underestimate anyone with both–they tend to do great things.

(I just realized…switch out “Batman” for “Bill Beatty” and it still reads right. :ahh: )

I would love to be him,BUT with like magnetos running around i dont think that would be very good…

-doug or !)0u9

Well, this is a hard one.

I really like telekinesis.
I really like teleportation.
I really like fire a lot.

So, it comes down to one thing…I love DDR.

Therefore, I will combine all of the above.

So you’d be a DDR player on fire who can teleport and has telekinesis powers? :ahh: Crazy…

I’d have to go with telekinesis also. You can use it to do a lot of other stuff. :slight_smile:

Any super power, any superhero.
Well, the latest superheroes that have left an impression on me were “The Incredibles.” (The movie was a classic, nastalgic in some ways.) I would love to be able to move or stop any physical object no matter what weight, disappear on command, run like Sonic the Hedgehog, stretch at any length, or even go mad when in danger. :smiley:

My favorite of those: disappearing. Some days I just want to because I’m either too embarrassed to be somewhere or would just rather not be seen, period.

The Force! I’m prolly just saying that since I got back from Episode III a short while ago. However, it really combines a lot of the powers I might want to have: flying…well leaping huge distances will do, telekinesis (jedi hand wave and such), and really really bad-arse fighting skills. So it’s not your typical superpower, but I like it :slight_smile: .

Being “the One.”

The ability to manipulate everything in the world around you. And having “that little super man thing”

I would go with the ultimate superpower: shooting fireworks… wait that is the worst mutant ability next to turning sound into light. I would go with making things explode like Gambit from the X-Men.

Jarod’s abilities from The Pretender TV show. The ability to learn anything!

Holy robots !

Does that mean the sign in Hammond, Indiana now reads “home of the Bat Cave” ?