All-Time Top 25

I don’t know if anyone has done this before (I’m guessing no, because who in their right mind would treat Top 25 rankings like real statistics :smiley: ), but I decided to find the All-Time Top 25 rankings based on all the FRC Top 25 results (which start in 2013). To do so, I assigned 25 points to the #1 spot, 24 to the #2 spot, and so on, and then summed the points for each team. Note: I am aware that the Top 25 changed from a “running” poll to a weekly poll in 2015, but I decided to treat all of the weekly Top 25 results equally.

You can view my spreadsheet here. (It includes all top 212 ranks, so check it out if you would like to see further than the top 25)

(Everything below is current as of March 17, 2018. Includes all Top 25 results up through 2018, Week 2)


  1. 118
  2. 1114
  3. 254
  4. 33
  5. 2056
  6. 1986
  7. 148
  8. 987
  9. 1678
  10. 610
  11. 67
  12. 359
  13. 624
  14. 16
  15. 971
  16. 195
  17. 330
  18. 1241
  19. 2481
  20. 125
  21. 2590
  22. 469
  23. 973
  24. 179
  25. 1619

Interesting Stats:

  • A total of 212 unique teams have appeared in a total of 950 top 25 spots
  • A total of 11 unique teams have appeared in a total of 38 #1 spots

I intend to update the spreadsheet each week, so check back weekly!

That’s really cool! Would it be possible to do it by region (California? :slight_smile: )

That’s pretty cool. Kinda sad 1717 isn’t there

I believe the team has to play in the week of the top 25 so they wouldn’t be eligible for any recent polls.

Ah geez that would take a ton of work that I’m not sure I’m up for. You’d have to add some kind of filtering that references the blue alliance for team locations.

Really nice to see 3 Canadian teams in the top 10!

I am actually super surprised to see my team here, I was fully prepared to ask where we wound up since I never thought we would be a top rank.

I am guessing being one of those eleven to get a number 1 helped.

I’m really surprised to see 1619 on this list. Not because they don’t deserve it, but because their first appearance on a Top 25 list was in 2015.

Your method is going to systemically favor teams that play more events (after the switch to the current-week only poll format) or early season events (for the prior running poll format).

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Pretty impressive list of teams! All of their names popped into my head instantly.

Among them by quick TBA scan, I found:

494 regional/district/division wins,
73 regional/district Chairman’s Awards
48 regional/district WFFAs
and 6 Hall of Fame teams.

Popularity on CD appears to correlate well with being recognizable and successful, both in competition and overall impact.

I certainly understand the limitations and biases of the data, but I couldn’t think of a way to simply control for this so I decided to just go for it. Like I said in my post, Top 25 rankings definitely shouldn’t be treated as any sort of statistics. I also just did this more out of personal curiosity than anything else.