All TIMS contacts left the team (was: PLEASE HELP, FROM ANYONE!!!!!!!!)

Holy crap, our team leader, sub-team leader and our third contact of our team, has ALL left the school. :yikes: .Our school is sort of going throw a crisis right now, and any contacts that we have on TIMS dont matter anymore and are invalid. also the chairman and woody’s award won’t work anymore cause they have left and the contacts and nominations for anything is screwed. we are running around with our heads cut off…ACK! PLEASE HELP

Team 3021, Caiman Agents, San Diego

I would say contact FIRST and explain your situation. Unless you are able to get the log-in information from the people who had it, contacting FIRST would be the best thing you can do right now.

I wish you the best of luck with your situation!

Take a step back, take a deep breath and relax. Contact FIRST tomorrow (about the mentors) and explain the situation to them. Next, contact a FRC team there in San Diego so you have a live person to talk to and explain to them. There is lots of help here in the FIRST community. You will get through this. If you have any specific questions, send me a PM.

Also, any additional information you can give here will be helpful. Such as is there still a teacher or adult still associated with the team? What about parents? How many team members do you have left?

Make sure you send an e-mail to FirstAwards tonight explaining situation.


if you don’t contact them by tonight it is likely you won’t be able to submit for the awards

Have they left the team, or is something going on at your school and you are not able to get in?

If you’re worried about the firstawards stuff, you need to register each year. All you need is an e-mail & a password.

As everyone else has said, breathe! You will get things to work out, and it’s much easier to get things done when you’re calm. First, try to contact your old TIMS contacts in whatever way you can reach them the fastest. Ask them to reset the TIMS contacts to two people who are still with your team, or for the password so you can do so. If this is not possible (i.e. there’s no way to get in contact with them soon), then you might want to talk to FIRST about it and see if they can help you out. This is something you want to do soon, because TIMS is very important. Now, if you’re trying to get your awards submissions in by the deadline tonight, there is some good news (I think). accounts need to be created every year with an e-mail and a password, so you do not need your TIMS information for this. (I made the account for our team last year and was not a TIMS contact.) Good luck!

This has happen before, my team split with its first sponsor after the 2001 season & with them went the TIMS login to 465, FIRST should* be able to set you guys up with a new TIMS contact.

  • I say should because, they tried doing that several times for us back then but something wasn’t working & they couldn’t get us into that account & had us re-register for a new number for 2002. Though I’m sure they have upgraded the system since.

You can submit late in case of a problem, but only if you contact FirstAwards before midnight eastern time tonight! Send that email now.

Hi there,
I hope that you have contacted FIRSTAwards already. With that done, is there no way for any of the team to contact these members who have left? It seems strange that they would not have left any contact information behind, I would search around and see if you can find them to get this information so you can update it. Also, I would recommend contacting Dave Berggen, he is the FIRST Senior Mentor for San Diego. Alternatively, you can contact me if you are still having problems and I will try to put you through to the right people.

George, Team 812 mentor