All week 3 events canceled

Just told us at the OKC drivers meeting.


source an stuff? “All” is pretty broad and alarming

HQ sent the info down to events, teams are reportedly being told to leave venues.

All events IN TEXAS. Please, the panic is already bad enough.


Check 2020 FRC Events Affected by COVID-19 as of now all week 3 events have been confirmed to be cancelled either by statement or by a person attending the event


And Canada, and OKC, and others. It sounds like HQ sent word down through the event coordinators, hopefully we’ll get a definitive answer from them this morning.

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Has there been an official update from FIRST HQ yet?

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not yet

In everywhere, Bosphorus was the only week 3 event to play. Everything else is cancelled, seemingly by HQ

I expect their first priority is getting events cancelled as smoothly as possible and then deciding what to do about refunds, when postponed events will be rescheduled and more.


I can imagine its like the wild west at FIRST HQ right now


apology for poor english

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i was sat at home eating bred when chief delphi ring

‘week three events are kill’



I can confirm that San Diego has been postponed

The Orlando Regional has been postponed

All week three events have either been postponed or cancelled. See this thread.

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If it was they should have cancelled them Tuesday before everyone was there and set up. What is the point of doing it at the drivers meeting? By then they have already been exposed to hundreds of people who could have the virus, just let teams play at that point.

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Most likely they wanted the event to go forward and tried to keep it going until the last minute. I’m sure their legal team gave them an update as well that made it unwise to continue.

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They can’t have perfect foresight. Yes it sucks that they were cancelled when they did, but thats when the decision was made and it will have some benefit of limiting the exposure period.

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No, that’s not quite correct. We just had our week 3 postponed here in NC district, but that wasn’t because of anything that FIRST NC or FIRST HQ did. It was because it was being hosted at a UNC campus (ECU, what used to be called Eastern Carolina University) and the entire UNC system canceled all events with more than 100 participants. They had planned until late yesterday to hold the event as scheduled. So this isn’t (yet) some kind of stealth cancellation policy by FIRST, it’s just the accumulation of circumstances that are causing a lot of cancellations or postponements.

Certainly many events are being cancelled by venues and school districts. I was referring to this morning when every remaining event was cancelled within minutes of each other, with people at these events reporting that event management cited a mandate from HQ