ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO US, it's spreading

So I was sitting in my cubicle at work drinking my new cherry mountain dew, when all of a sudden I heard the guy in the row next to mine say “ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO US”! After I almost choked on my soda I started to freak out!!! I listened to him explain the website to another guy and they both started cracking up watching the video.

:stuck_out_tongue: AHHH THERE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

that is possible the most terriying thing that I have heard lately


cherry mountain dew?
since when do they have this?

its called ‘Mountain Dew - Code Red’, it kind of tastes like Cherry 7-UP.

this video is on the top 50 of all time menu on the far right of the page. Some of the stuff there is pretty cool… check out XIAO XIAO no. 3, Headache (a must see!!!) and “Misery Loves Company” as well. If you decide to join their site, say that “RoboChick” referred you PLEASE!!

someone set up us the bomb.
all your base…base…base…all you base… are belong to us.

hmmm…im gonna have to try some of this ‘mountain dew - code red’
is it any good?
and does dr joe know about it yet?

<<check out XIAO XIAO no. 3>>

Is that stick fighter??? Stick fighter is the coolest Flash movie I’ve ever seen.

You’ve got to check it out. It’s incredibly entertaining, and someone put way too much work into animating those stick figures.

Yeah…its really cool. I still believe that were the ones that made it.

Fight 2
Fight 3

~Its so much better when you take Chinese as your foreign language.

hmmmm…chinese as second language…
i want to learn that language…that way when i go over my friend jeff wongs house ill understand some of whats going on instead of being confused