Allegro ACS750 Current Sensor 150uF Heads Up

Allegro engineering sent me a preliminary advisory:
Allegro **advises against ** use of 150uF filter on output pin !

Their concern: 150uF may cause unstable output or damage output stage.
They suggest adding integrator high Rin Op Amp with appropriate feedback.
I don’t see ~1000 teams going that route.

Their 2nd recommendation: 411K series w/.1uF (10nF) on the output to A/D

(411K likely cause significant voltage division error unless Rin ~5-10M)

150uF presumably was added to “filter” noise from the 2kHz PWM motor.
I have been unable to obtain output stage detail to determine actual liability.

Anyone know the input resistance of the RC A/D ?

Allegro data sheet: 1-2 ohm load spec
guided me to place a 274 ohm resistor in series w/150uF to gnd
to effect ~125 mS (3 time constant) noise filter
which was born out in scope tests.
(274 ohms serves to limit current a bit isolating Out + establish RC)

Their engineer indicated output stage is a constant current output
which I would assume should have no problem with the large Cap., TBD ??

2nd bend of brittle lead from outward angled plastic case & they break off!!
(observe caution pulling lead out of the PCBoard to make any changes)
(better to cut than pull tiny leads)